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How can I send a working campaign to test it but not deploy to all the contacts?


While you can use Test List to see the final formatting of your message and test some basic links, it does not allow you to test things like the Unsubscribe link or Display Message link which require a Campaign ID.  In order to test all the links and tracking, you must create a campaign by using the Deploy Campaign Wizard.

To create a test campaign:

  1. Import your test contacts to your list.  Be sure to import all the custom data that will be required to fill any custom fields in your template content.
  2. Create a Segmentation Rule that will match all your test contacts.  For example, if you have three test contacts with unique email addresses, create a rule with these settings:
  • Email Address = [email 1] OR
  • Email Address = [email 2] OR
  • Email Address = [email 3]
  1. Use the Deploy Campaign Wizard to send the campaign to the List using the Segmenation Rule.  On the last page of the wizard, click UPDATE COUNT and make sure the Number of Contacts matches the number of test contacts you plan to send to.
  2. After you verify your content, you can send your campaign to all your contacts.
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