Activate / Deactivate Campaign

Make an Automation Campaign Active to use, or Deactivate to prevent use. You must also Deactivate in order to make changes to an Automation Campaign. 

To Change Sending Status

  2. In the Sending column, click the button to change the Sending status.

Deactivate Campaign

If Sending status is Active, click to deactivate.  You will be prompted to confirm.  

Click PROCEED to deactivate the Campaign. Click CANCEL to close the confirmation and return to the Library without deactivating the Campaign.

Paused Actions

Deactivating a campaign pauses all active actions and will affect future campaign results.  For instance, if a contact is currently in a Wait action for 24 hours, and the campaign remains inactive past the 24 hour wait duration, the contact will not move to the next action in the expected time frame. Instead, the contact will move the the next action immediately after the campaign is activated.  This could result in a contact receiving an email message past a certain deadline (such as a coupon expiration).  

Days Until Activity Loss*

If the campaign is not reactivated in a certain period of time (default of 14 days), all paused actions will be purged from the system, and contacts will not proceed through the automation campaign. Deactivated campaigns display the number of Days Until Activity Loss in the Automation Campaigns list.  Campaigns that have never been Active display no number.

*New in v11.16.0

Activate Campaign

If Sending status is Inactive, click to activate.   You may see a spinning animation as the system validates the Campaign.

Your Realm must be configured to allow deploying Automation Campaigns before you can Activate a campaign.  If it is not configured, you will receive the following error when you attempt to activate:

Contact your Account Manager to enable the Automation service for your realm.


If any errors are encountered on Activate, a red notification will appear indicating the issue and suggesting a resolution.   For example, if a Notification Email Address is missing.  Any issues in the Campaign must be resolved before the Campaign can be activated for use.

Click the x in the top right corner to close the notification. 


NOTE: Your display may appear slightly different in version 10.13.0 and newer.  These display changes do not affect the functionality of the feature.

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