End Action

Every workflow path requires a final end point.  This can either move to another workflow, or end the workflow completely.  The END action is the final action in a workflow--even a Move to Campaign will eventually reach an END.  This action completes the branch in the campaign and releases any Contacts that have reached the stopping point. 

An END is required for every path, unless the path reaches a Move to Campaign action. When you save a Automation Campaign or Definition, the system will validate that an endpoint exists for each branch of the workflow. 

To End a Branch in the Workflow

  1. Drag the End action to the workspace.
  2. The END action has no options to set. 
  3. Connect the prior action to the top of the End action.

The END action will appear in the workspace with the action name only.

Clicking the Action in the workspace just selects the Action.


Attempts to save the Automation Campaign with one or more missing End conditions will result in an error:

ERROR: All Automation Campaign paths must end with either a "Move to Campaign" or "End" action Type.



One input point from any other Action type.


Workflow stops here.


No output point.

NOTE: Your display may appear slightly different in version 10.13.0 and newer.  These display changes do not affect the functionality of the feature. 
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