Move to Campaign Action

The Move to Campaign action allows you to move Contacts in one Automation Campaign to another Automation Campaign.  For example, from a Welcome campaign, you may wish to move Contacts who click the Welcome message within 2 days into a Special Offer campaign, and those who do not click or open remain in the Welcome workflow to receive other reminders.

Clicking the Action in the workspace opens the Move to Campaign popup. Only one option must be set for each Move to Campaign action:

  • Destination Campaign:  Required listbox to select the Automation Campaign to move the Contacts into.

To Move Contacts to an Automation Campaign

  1. Drag the Move to Campaign action to the workspace.
  2. Click the action to display the Move to Campaign popup.
  3. Select the Automation Campaign to move Contacts into.
  4. Click SAVE to save the action settings.  Click CANCEL to close the popup without saving the changes.

The saved Move to Campaign action will appear in the workspace with the name of the destination Automation Campaign displayed in the action details.


If the Move to Campaign action option has not been defined, it will appear in the workspace with a red border.

Attempts to save the Automation Campaign with an incorrectly defined action will result in an error, such as:

  • Move to Campaign selection is invalid. Please choose a valid Destination Campaign.


  • You cannot select the current Campaign as the destination.  A Campaign cannot loop back into itself.
  • Both Active and Inactive Automation Campaigns are available to select.  Make sure the Campaign you select is Active when you start using the two Campaigns.



One input point from any other Action type.


Move the Contact(s) into the beginning of selected Campaign.


No output point.


NOTE: Your display may appear slightly different in version 10.13.0 and newer.  These display changes do not affect the functionality of the feature.

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