Remove Realm: Realm is not in select list


I'm using the Remove Realm feature, but the Realm I want to remove isn't showing in the drop-down.


In order for an Realm to show up in the Remove Realm drop-down, it must be:

  • Inactive
  • The Realm Name must be prefixed with "zDelete" (case insensitive)

To make these changes:

  1. Go to Customer Care > Realm Management > Edit Realm
  2. Enter "zDelete" at the beginning of the value in the Realm Name field.
  3. Scroll down, and uncheck the box labeled Active.
  4. Click UPDATE.

Once these items have been completed, the Realm should show up in the drop-down list in Remove Realm.

Note: In systems prior to v14.00, you will notice the term Realm and Account are interchangeable.  This option is accessible only to Broadcaster customers with Super User access. If you are on the SaaS, please contact Support to remove any unnecessary Realms.


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