Accessing the API

The FTP API allows you to control data and deployment using files sent to the server via FTP or SFTP. 

Some of the features available through the FTP API include:

  • Batch subscribe
  • Batch unsubscribe
  • Batch Contact update
  • Batch Contact delete
  • Custom Field create and delete
  • One-off message deployment
  • Campaign deployment

Accessing the API

The FTP API interface is designed to be transacted entirely through flat files transferred to the platform in a passive, asynchronous manner using the industry standard protocol FTP.  These files contain batches of commands to perform data manipulation.  Although you may create software to generate and upload these files, you may also use a simple text editor to prepare command files and an FTP program.

The FTP API’s disconnected interface is what differentiates it from the HTTP or WebServices APIs.  This mechanism relies upon externally created command files deposited into a directory maintained on a server.  A special daemon process sweeps through the directory at a regular interval scanning for files.  When it encounters new files, it processes them by reading and interpreting the commands.


Before you can use the API, you must first request access credentials from the support team.  In your request, include the following:

  • Email Address
  • Name
  • Broadcaster/System Name
  • Realm Name
  • Static IP or IP Range

You will receive an email response with the URL for server and directory access and your password.  The login password to access the FTP API server is case sensitive.

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