Version 6 Changelog



To see specific information for the entire 6.0.x release, please see the Changelog.

Change LIst

Below is a high level overview of features and bug fixes in 6.0.x versions from 2007. 

  • Conversion Tracking:  Rewrote entire tool

  • Import: Improve speed and reliability

  • Event Macros: Add Bounce Reason and Abuse Reason to event macros

  • FTP API: Rewrote both .dat and .xml entire user's guide

  • HTTP API (Formerly Web API): 

    • Added several new features and added abilities to existing features, improved result reporting

    • Send One-Off - permits tracking via Sticky campaigns 

    • Show Campaign Stats feature

    • Create and Update Template features

    • Create, Update and Delete Segmentation Rules features

    • Rewrote entire user's guide

  • WebServices (SOAP) API:

    • Create, Update, Delete Segmentation Rules

    • Improved other methods blogGetDataByName, enumDataMacros, listSetAttribute, userSetData, userClearData

  • Calendar:

    • Add ability to set an End Date for recurring jobs

    • Add option to schedule a Custom Report

    • Add option to set the workflow to deliver at a different time rather than right when the job is scheduled

  • Articles: Copy Article

  • Template: Dynamic Tags feature to generate tags and add to template

  • Reports:

    • Campaign overview now displays Global Unsubscribe totals

    • Add Domain Report

  • Database: Split database / distributed databases



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