Version 8.0


Version 8.0 was released in November 2010.

Features and Enhancements

v8.0 introduced a new User Interface, Dashboard, Campaign Details, and improved import performance.


The Dashboard landing page was replaced by a more informative Home page. The new Home page provides at a glance campaign statistics, delivery data, as well as quick navigation to key areas of the platform.

  • Campaign statistics. Quickly glance at key statistics of recently run campaigns and also see what campaigns are scheduled to launch.
  • Aggregate details. See how many campaigns & emails went out last month compared to running month.
  • Quick navigation. Easily jump to key areas of the WhatCounts platform directly from the Home page.

Campaign Details

The campaign reporting section is completely redesigned to improve usability.  The Camapign Details vertical navigation allows you see key campaign metrics easier and in one place.  Metrics are grouped by like data, and several charts are included to provide insights and actionable campaign information.

The Recent Campaigns list is updated to display the last 20 campaigns by default.  A new Filter field allows you to quickly find campaigns that match a text string.

User Interface and Usabililty

The User Interface was re-designed to provide a clean and contemporary look & feel with streamlined fonts, colors, and UI elements (such as wizards) to have a consistent and uniform user experience. 

  • Updated wizards. All wizards have been updated to provide clearer step by step flow and instructions.
  • Deploy Campaign Wizard. Several steps have been eliminated, allowing you to choose a list, template, segmentation rule, and format as well as set the Campaign Alias in a single step.
  • Template Editor updates. No more scrolling to edit your email templates. All template options such as adding dynamic tags are now floating dialogs. Also the Preview option lets you specify a subscriber and preview the template with real data immediately.

Subscriber Import Performance

When importing .csv files, you can choose the faster SmartSubscribe technology to import subscribers. In previous versions the SmartSubscribe functionality was only available through the API. The feature is enabled by default and improves the subscriber import speed on average by a factor of 3x-4x.  This feature is useful for files with more than 10,000 subscribers.

Release Dates and Change List

8.0.0 - 11/03/10:

  • First release. Major changes and new features.

  • UI overhaul

  • New Dashboard

  • New Recent Campaigns

  • New Campaign Details

8.0.1 - 11/04/10:

  • UI fixes

  • Import

  • Aggregation issues

8.0.2 - 11/05/10:

  • Calendar 404 errors

  • Reporting wizard issues

  • Aggregation issues in Campaign Details

  • IE8 security warnings

8.0.3 - 11/11/10:

  • UI conversions

  • Reporting Wizard fixes

  • Campaign Details fixes

  • Subscriber ID Search and Admin Opt out fixes

  • Template Preview/Tags/URLs

8.0.4 - 11/18/10:

  • UI fixes

  • Import ignoring opt outs

  • publishing sync error

  • Campaign Details fixes

8.0.5 - 12/09/10:

  • Online Help added

  • Schedule campaign prompt fillin

  • Import support additional delimiters

  • RSS support more tags,

8.0.6 - 12/10/10:

  • Template tabs in IE8

  • Schedule Campaign with super list

  • Campaign Details fix

8.0.6a - 12/16/10:

  • Flex Subscriber custom data empty

8.0.7 - 01/04/11:

  • Subscriber custom data empty

  • Template remove secure page warning

  • Missing Edit/Create Realm menu

  • Suppression Lists not displaying

  • Home page 0's reported on turn of year

  • Template add DM link causes blank page

  • Users editing in flex - 01/10/11:

  • Broadcaster Patch

  • Aggregation fix

  • Landing Page sort

8.0.8 - 01/18/11:

  • Flex CSRF

  • Web Services API:

  • getCampaignStats

  • FTP API Suppression in Launch

  • RSS in ReturnPath

  • FTAF do not store Friend

  • Articles and Folders - 01/19/11:

  • Broadcaster Patch

  • Editor Permissions allow Deploy Campaign

  • Fix Content Menu

8.0.9 - 02/01/11:

  • CSRF

  • SuperList subscriber count in Calendar

  • Test List w/ Video

8.0.10 - 02/15/11:

  • CSRF

  • Fillin Fields in Lists

  • Return Path ESP Mode

  • Report Wizard Queries

  • Menus in IE7

8.0.11 - 02/15/11:

  • Template preview

  • Edit/Add Template in IE7

  • API send failure

8.0.12 - 02/22/11:

  • FTP API missing campaign_alias

  • CSRF


  • Missing Video in DVM

8.0.13 - 03/08/11:

  • Article Author Email OWASP Security Error
  • Template Logic with IF issue
  • Dashboard Export Blank page
  • Realm Throttling issues

8.0.14 - 04/08/11:

  • Fillin Fields & issue

  • PME do not clear custom data

  • RSS redirect errors


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