Version 8.2


Version 8.2 was released in December 2011.

Features and Enhancements

v8.2 introduced Advanced AB Split testing, a new HTML WYSIWYG Editor, publishing engine enhancements, and user interface improvements.

A/B Split Testing

Advanced AB Split Testing allows you to easily determine which email to send based on real results from your own subscribers.

With AB Split testing, you can measure your message's effectiveness using Clicks, Opens, click-to-open rate or Responder rate. You can also test on subject lines, from addresses and content. The winning email can be launched either automatically or manually, depending on your preference.

Finally, segmentation rules and suppression filters can also be applied with AB testing.


If you find it convenient to reuse pieces of your message copy, you'll appreciate the new WYSIWYG articles feature.  Now you can easily design and create standalone pieces of text or graphics to insert into multiple templates. Perhaps your sales team has certain boilerplate messages for specific industry verticals. WYSIWYG article editing will let them put together large mailings of highly targeted messages in just a few clicks.


New publishing engine enhancements include performance improvements in message generation, suppression filters, segmentation and multi-list de-duping on send to make it easier for you to use multiple lists simultaneously.

User Interface

Several user interface improvements appear in Campaigns, Lists, Templates and Articles to move toward broader cross-platform support and make the platform easier to view on a mobile device.

Release Dates and Change List

8.2.0 - 12/16/11:

  • First release to Premiere.
  • Major changes and new features.
  • New A/B Testing
  • Removed Flex UI from View Campaigns, Campaign Details, Lists, Templates, Articles
  • Removed Blogs, Goodmail, Habeas, Ability to preview Article as Plain or HTML

8.2.1 - 01/05/12:

  • First release to SAAS.
  • CKEditor fixes,
  • Deliverability Publishing issues,
  • FTAF using https,
  • Sticky with Workflow,
  • Smartget with line break in subject,
  • A/B chart issue

8.2.2 - 01/06/12:

  • Test List sending Plain,
  • Failed publishing jobs,
  • PLA Impersonate Issue,
  • Base URL and VMTA issues

8.2.3 - 01/06/12:

  • HTTP API errors_to

8.2.4 - 01/12/12:

  • FTP Drop Subscriptions,
  • HTTP MTA, charset, pipe in custom fields,
  • Deliverability issues,
  • Display Message issues,
  • List Address validation,
  • Publishing List address validation,
  • Test list custom data,
  • Seed List duplicate subscribers,
  • A/B Test remainder issues, chart display

8.2.5 - 01/13/12:

  • Deliverability not seeding

8.2.6 - 01/16/12:

  • HTTP send fail if no list defined

8.2.7 - 01/16/12:

  • Publishing out of memory

8.2.8 - 01/26/12:

  • Test List failures,
  • Campaign Report Wizard query issues,
  • FTP global unsub issue,
  • Content Analysis,
  • View Campaigns Javascript error,
  • UTF-8 in Preview,
  • Unsub SLID issue

8.2.9 - 02/02/12:

  • BaseURL cascading issues,
  • Bounce handling missing phrases,
  • A/B setup/deploy fixes,
  • Set Data Macro publishing fix,
  • Template Logic fixes - 02/16/12:

  • XML send ignores VMTA,
  • Campaign does not send all mail

8.2.10 - 02/23/12:

  • Publishing ignores VMTA cascade, A/B Online help added, Several VMTA/BaseURL fixes, several Content Analysis fixes

8.2.11 - 02/24/12:

  • WYSIWYG on by default in templates

8.2.12 - 03/06/12:

  • WYSIWYG changing content on save,
  • VMTA not used correctly in child realm,
  • Seed list cannot deploy as list
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