Version 8.3


Version 8.3 was released in April 2012.

Features and Enhancements

v8.3 improved the Social Network features to support Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Google+. It also expanded the deployment options and tracking capabilities of the Social Networking features to give you more flexibility and ability to report your extended reach.

Publish to Social Media Sites Only

If you want to share content to your networks without publishing to a group of subscribers, you can publish content directly to Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter.  Create your template content, setup your Social Providers, and then deploy your content using the Social Only option.  In addition, you can publish directly to the networks during a normal campaign.  The platform will track views, clicks and shares resulting from your published posts.

Support More Social Networks

Subscribers can now post campaign messages to Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Google+ in addition to the existing Facebook, Digg, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter support.  Shares from your deployed campaigns are tracked to your subscriber, and all resulting views and clicks are tracked to your campaign and reported, allowing you to see the expanded reach of your content due to the additional sharing..

Share and Subscribe Bar

Now that your subscribers have an easier way to share across several social networks, their followers or friends may decide to subscribe to your list. By adding the Share Bar to the top of your template content, potential subscribers have an easy way to submit their email address to subscribe to your list.  You can also include the Social Network links to make sharing easier right at the top of your template.

Multiple List Compare and Dedupe

If you have several lists with the same subscribers and you would like to de-duplicate these lists, you can use List Compare.  Select a Primary list and then one or more Secondary lists from which to remove subscribers with the same email address. You can also use the List Compare to test for duplicates without removing.

Release Dates and Change List

8.3.0 - 04/2012:

  • First release to premiere

8.3.1 - 04/04/2012:

  • First release to SaaS.
  • removed from platform;
  • New Social Only publishing,
  • Publish directly to social networks;
  • Social support for Google+, StumbleUpon, Pinterest;
  • Share Bar code to add subscription form to template;
  • List Compare for multiple lists;
  • Deploy Campaign Wizard rewrite

8.3.2 - 04/06/2012:

  • Campaign Details Increased Reach showed as negative;
  • Shortened URLs with STOP tag not resolving

8.3.3 - 04/18/2012:

  • View Campaigns: Sent Counts for API sends and incorrect values when Start/End are same date
  • Subscribers: CSRF issue for <> in UI editing custom field data
  • Activity today: reporting by dates working now
  • SmartSubscribe: issues with pre/post comma in a field

8.3.4 - 05/01/2012:

  • Custom Fields don't change type when update,
  • Edit list error when Admin/Bounce have decorative,
  • Add new Opt Out Wizard,
  • Share Bar hide feature

8.3.5 - 05/23/2012:

  • Optout wizard error with duplicates,
  • Home link to Deploy Campaign Wizard,
  • Calendar deployment notifications to Support addresss

8.3.6 - 05/25/2012:

  • Home aggregation issues (which actually were NOT fixed by this release)

8.3.7 - 06/06/2012:

  • Home aggregation issues,
  • Calendar campaign don't send error for 0 sent,
  • Super List error with no default template,
  • remember unfiled folder preference,
  • Publishing improvements when no filter in use,
  • Query improvements for Custom Field Stats and Campaign Details

8.3.8 - 06/12/2012:

  • Aggregation improvements,
  • Double clicking in Deploy Campaign Wizard skips confirmation page,
  • Priority for small campaigns,
  • Limit for seedlist,
  • Disabling links in Social Message

8.3.9 - 07/10/2012:

  • Security changes in File/Media Manager, HTTP API, Users (flex),
  • Shard issues in Campaign Details, Publishing

8.3.10 - 10/02/2012:

  • WebServices/HTTP API Schedule_deployment new feature,
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Stuck in tasks when 0 subscribers in segment;
  • Custom Field: Increase description field character limit;
  • RSS: allow a variable to be set to rssobject

8.3.11 - 11/15/2012:

  • Fillin Fields: Add support for fillin fields in get URLs

8.3.12 - 11/29/2012:

  • Schedule Campaign/Event report option to quote fields, select file format;
  • Schedule Export option to quote fields;
  • Home page query cache enhancement

8.3.13 - 12/19/2012:

  • publishing error with suppression;
  • A/B test publish/initialization slowness;
  • View Campaigns shows 0%,0%;
  • Twitter icon update

8.3.14 - 01/22/2013:

  • Smartget must_contain failure not honored

8.3.15 - 02/25/2013:

  • (approved 2/20, snapshot 2/25 with added fix)
  • FTP Manager SFTP support;
  • Scheduled report failure;
  • Schedule campaign deployment with workflow issue;
  • Media Manager upload .ics support;
  • Throttling campaign not completing;
  • Campaign report wizard issue;
  • Campaign Statistics report on mysql realms;
  • Slow View Campaigns page

8.3.16 - 02/28/2013:

  • List create/update fails

8.3.17 - 03/20/2013:

  • Conversion Tracking backport part 2
  • Event Based Wizard issue
  • Tracking premover issue

8.3.18 - 04/19/2013:

  • Fillin Fields convert curly quotes to invalid char in mysql only;
  • Event Wizard missing tracking specifics fields

8.3.19 - 07/31/2013:

  • H2 publishing improvements;
  • A/B throttling support;
  • Campaign Deployment error message improvements;
  • Provisionmailingworker difference in populated vs sent;
  • Trackingpremover discarding quiesced realm events;
  • Remove Template Scanner for custom system templates in order to improve system speed/processing.

8.3.20 - 08/01/2013:

  • Campaign nullpointerexception when 0 subscribers;
  • Update Count error if 0 subscribers;
  • Campaign failure message is not delivered if 0 subscribers

8.3.21 - 09/20/2013:

  • Scheduled Campaign Report format options missing;
  • Standard seg Bad queries;
  • Social: Publish to Twitter fails
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