Version 8.4


Version 8.4 was released in August 2012.

Features and Enhancements

v8.4 introduced a new method to allow subscribers to manage their own subscriptions. The HTTP and WebServices APIs have been updated to allow for publishing to Social Providers and sending A/B Test campaigns. Several new reports were added to the Standard Report Library, and several improvements were made to the data management and security.

Preference Sites

The new Preference Sites allow you to create a process for Subscribers to opt-in or opt-out of lists and provide additional information about themselves.  For example, you can create an Unsubscribe site that allows the Subscriber to opt out, and then ask the Subscriber to provide a reason for opting out.  You can also create a site to allow Subscribers to manage subscriptions for multiple lists as well as update personal information about themselves.

Standard Library Reports

Several existing reports allow you to discover the subscribers who have Unsubscribed from a list or Opened or Clicked a link in a message. 

Three new reports in the Standard Report Library allow you to report on the Active (Subscribers who Clicked), Inactive (Subscribers who Opened), and Passive (Subscribers who have neither Opened or Clicked) Subscribers in your Lists for a specified date range. 

A new Opt Out Report allows you to easily get a list of all subscribers in your List or Realm who have been opted out.  These opt outs may be Subscriber initiated (such as a click from an Unsubscribe link in an email message) or Administrator initiated (such as through the Suppression or Opt Out wizards).

Browser Tracking for Opens and Clicks

When a Subscriber Opens or Clicks a message, information about their Browser will now be tracked and available for Segmentation and Reporting.  The Browser information collected includes the Operating System (ie: Windows, Android, Mac, etc.), Browser Type (ie: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.), and Client Type (ie: computer, mobile, tablet, etc.).  The Browser information can be included in Event Wizard reports, Campaign Details, and several API report commands.

API Improvements

Support for A/B Test Campaigns and Social Media Publishing has been added to both the WebServices and HTTP APIs.  In addition, the HTTP API now allows you to create and update Articles.  

Release Dates and Change List

8.4.0 - 08/07/12:

  • First Release to SaaS.
  • New Features:    
    • Track Browser for Opens/Clicks,
    • Report Browser Stats in Event Wizard, Campaign Overview,
    • Use Browser Stats in Segmentation Rules;
    • New Standard Report Library Reports -- Active, Inactive, Passive Subscribers, OptOut Report, Engagement Counts,
    • API support for A/B tests,
    • Publish to Social,
    • New SalesForce integration support,
    • HTTP API
      • CRUD Articles,
      • GetbyName/Id for List, Template, Article;
    • Preference Sites to allow subscribers to Sub/Unsub/Manage Preferences;
    • Security and Database Improvements.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issues with Campaign Statistics Report;
    • Campaign Report Wizard fixes;
    • Survey: Text area field displays now without adding space

8.4.1 - 08/08/12:

  • HTTP commands with POST not running;
  • Save list with article in From/Reply To;
  • Move to Folder in Lists

8.4.2 - 08/09/12:

  • New bounce mailboxes didn't work;
  • Custom Fields stats were blank;
  • Publishing failures; Security issue

8.4.3 - 08/10/12:

  • WebServices slow;
  • HTTP change error;
  • Bounce stop processing when hit zombie mailbox;
  • Custom field issue with bad name;
  • Seed optout_types table;
  • Import speed related to custom fields;
  • report wizards cross realm issue;
  • calendar cross realm issue;
  • unique user click through report fix;
  • aggregation trigger issue

8.4.4 - 08/15/12:

  • Cross realm security fixes;
  • Subscriber Search results fix;
  • Engagement Counts report fixed.

8.4.5 - 09/05/12:

  • SmartSub failure with foreign characters,
  • does not clear Universal opt Outs,
  • Import header row limit extended,
  • Tracked URLs support Fillin Fields and Custom Fields,
  • Hide archived Opt Out files,
  • Scheduled campaign stuck in queue/don't send notifications,
  • Webservices slowness

8.4.6 - 09/11/12:

  • SmartSub custom field fail import after foreign character fix;
  • Conversion Tracking several changes to allow for better reporting events related to Subscriber;
  • Import header line no longer has max length limit;
  • Standard Library: Description and Instruction clarifications for new 8.4 SPROCs;
  • Template Preview: now works if subject contains single quote or is called from Article with line break

8.4.7 - 09/12/12:

  • Media Manager progress bar doesn't close;
  • Opt Out Wizard does not remove subscriptions;
  • WebServices Custom Field Date issue;
  • Campaign Details Unique Unsubs;

8.4.8 - 09/18/12:

  • Login error made generic;
  • Import added automap fields;
  • Event Wizard blank page on BACK.

8.4.9 - 09/28/12:

  • Publishing and DB failure issues
  • Social: Publish to Twitter fails
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