Version 8.5


Version 8.5 was released in November 2012.

Features and Enhancements

v8.5 introduces features for Broadcasters and managed realms.  The Conversion Tracking user interface and reporting have been improved.  In addition, new realms have the option to add a unique subscriber identification with a Customer Key.  

Customer Key

Customers often need to manage several subscriber records with the same email address.  This is possible in all realms by importing these multiple records with the same email address and different first names along with the "duplicate" flag.  This would allow a single family to use one email account, with each member having a separate newsletter subscription using their unique first name.

The Customer Key is a new feature for marketers who must store subscriptions with an additional unique identifier.  When a realm is created, it can be set so that each new subscriber record requires the inclusion of an additional unique field called a "Customer Key".  The key is a unique ID associated with each subscriber -- likely the same value already used to identify that subscriber in the CRM system used by the marketer.

In realms where the Customer Key is enabled, the key is always required when subscribing and updating subscriber records.  Because of this, features such as Batch Subscribe, Batch Unsubscribe, and the HTTP API Update command are not available in a Customer Key enabled realm.  As you browse the Learning Center, you may find additional information to note about using a particular feature or command with realms in which Customer Key is enabled.

Release Dates and Change List

8.5.RC - 10/31/2012:

  • First Release to Premiere/Demo.

8.5.0 - 11/13/2012:

  • First Release to SaaS
  • New Features:
    • Customer Key as Primary Key for Subscriber records. Only for new shard realm. Affects Subscribers (Search/Add/Edit), Import/SmartSubscribe, Export, APIs, Reports, Batch Sub/Unsub, Preference Sites, Sub/Unsub Forms, Templates/Preview, Event Macros
    • Mongo DB
    • Documentation/Help/Site Guide/Support options merged in Menus
    • Security: better way to change pwd after expires
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Test List error clarification when no format selected
    • Custom Report Wizard now saves DB setting
    • Standard Reports, Custom Report Wizard: CSV default option
    • Campaign Statistics Report improvements
    • A/B Definition: slider fix for IE, fix to use special characters in fields
    • Segmentation: fix for Chrome display issues in Flex UI
    • Conversion Tracking: Report/UI improvements

8.5.1 - 11/14/2012:

  • WebServices custom date storage,
  • Create Realm child issue,
  • MSV link resolution

8.5.2 - 11/14/2012:

  • Import speed,
  • ListCtrl blank for unknown email

8.5.3 - 11/26/2012:

  • SetDataMacro not set new subscriber,
  • Schedule Event Report, Schedule Campaign Report, and Schedule Subscriber Export add Quote Fields option, change default Date Format;
  • Segment Standard: Custom Text with != fails

8.5.4 - 11/28/2012:

  • Schedule Event/Campaign report format options;
  • Schedule Export missing fields;
  • Realm name character limits,
  • MSV custom field case sensitivity issue;
  • XML API not NULLing custom data;
  • Standard seg rule with date changing type;
  • Home page query fix;

8.5.5 - 12/05/2012:

  • Campaign Report Wizard CSV issues (new quote text option);
  • Schedule Deployment display subscriber count;
  • Opt Out standard report not completing;
  • nway not populating fields;
  • Standard seg rule with IN acting as LIKE;
  • Batch Subscribe not creating SAD document for mongo;
  • FTP error in drop subs

8.5.6 - 12/12/2012:

  • ListCtrl SAD doc,
  • ListCtrl with +,
  • Mailbox Name char limit,
  • Article with line break in subject,
  • Google+ url fix,
  • Smartget with &

8.5.7 - 12/13/2012:

  • View Campaigns showing 0% Open/Click

8.5.8 - 12/17/2012:

  • Standard Seg with Today = issue;
  • API Subscribe and SEND (FTP and XML) do not create SAD doc for mongo when expected

8.5.9 - 12/18/2012:

  • View Tasks not showing as expected,
  • Import SAD doc issue,
  • Publishing with suppression error in log

8.5.10 - 12/19/2012:

  • Twitter icon updated,
  • Throttling publishing issue,
  • Hide Delete for non Super Admin in View Task.

8.5.11 - 01/09/2013:

  • New realm not creating mongo connection

8.5.12 - 01/11/2013:

  • SmartSubscribe: text based fields do not clear data;
  • View Campaigns not showing all results.

8.5.13 - 02/07/2013:

  • Schedule reports don't run if no default format defined;
  • Media Manager .ics support;
  • new dbcompare tool for Mongo;
  • WebServices userGetData/userGetAllData/updateList fixes;
  • Import non-smart overwrites data;
  • flex ui edit subscriber clears custom data;
  • html ui create subscriber fixes.
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