Version 8.8



Version 8.8 was released May 30, 2013.

Features and Enhancements

v8.8 improves notifications for deployed campaigns as well as adding support for Throttling an A/B Test Remainder campaign.

A/B Remainder Throttling

In realms where campaign Throttling is enabled, an option for setting the Throttling rate is available when defining a campaign for deployment.  This option is now available when deploying A/B Test campaigns.  In order to honor the A/B Sample timing, the A/B Samples deploy at the normal system rate.  Once a winning Sample is selected, the A/B Remainder campaign will deploy at the Throttled rate. 

Release Date and Change List

8.8.1 - 05/30/2013:

  • First Release to SaaS
  • Notifications and error messages clarified
  • FTP: clear custom fields when set to NULL
  • HTTP: do not clear first name
  • FTAF: Do not fail if From address missing
  • SmartSub: Do not fail if set to NULL
  • A/B Test: Support throttling for remainder
  • A/B Test: Issue with campaign sfailing
  • Standard Seg: Results off when pulling custom fields with time/date
  • Campaign Deployment Failure: fix message and add details

8.8.1 patch - 06/07/2013:

  • XML Delete does not delete
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