Version 8.12


Version 8.12 was released July 25, 2013.

Features and Enhancements

v8.12 adds features to the HTTP API Schedule Deployment command.  In addition, broadcasters using MS Sql databases will have the option to allow storage and reporting of milliseconds in campaign and event reporting.  

HTTP API Schedule Deployment

Schedule a campaign with the HTTP API command schedule_deployment.  New options include the ability to Limit the number of pieces sent regardless of the number of subscribers in the List or Segment, as well as the ability to define values for up to ten fillin fields pre-defined in the List or Template.

Reporting with Milliseconds

The Campaign Report, Event Report, and Subscriber Export wizards each have the option to define the output format of Date values.  Supporting systems will have the option to store Milliseconds in date fields and then include the Millisecond in reports.  Due to database limitations, this feature is restricted to systems using MS SQL.

Release Dates and Change List

8.12.0 - 07/25/2013:

  • HTTP API: schedule_deployment add ability to set limit, fillin fields, and send a/b deployment.
  • HTTP API: schedule_deployment add ability to return verbose success results
  • Campaign Report Wizard & Schedule Campaign Report: Add ability to report milliseconds for dates
  • Event Report & Schedule Event Report: Add ability to report milliseconds for dates
  • Subscriber Export & Schedule Subscriber export: Add ability to report milliseconds for dates

The Milliseconds feature can only be used in a realm on an MS SQL database, and the ‘Time’ option must be enabled in the Realm settings. The version of MySQL that we use does not support the storage of milliseconds for reporting.

8.12.1 - 07/26/2013:

  • Publishing: Cannot post due to Twitter API change
  • Standard Segmentation: Cannot select fields
  • Permissions: PLA cannot impersonate child

8.12.2 - 07/26/2013:

  • Custom Fields: list shows Number fields as Boolean
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