Version 8.13


Version 8.13 was released August 7, 2013.

Features and Enhancements

v8.13 introduces the ability to block tracking events from specific IP addresses.  

Tracking Ignore IPs

Some subscribers use special security measures to ensure they do not receive spam or viruses.  In these cases, there are tools that automatically 'click' all links in an email message which result in two potential issues: spike in Open or Click statistics and unintentional unsubscribes.

In order to prevent tracking from these systems causing unsubscribes and invalid statistics, you can have the IP addresses from these systems added to a block list for your realm.  Any Open, Click, or Unsubscribe events from the defined IP addresses will be ignored in your statistics, and instead stored to a special backup location for separate reporting.

Release Notes and Change List

8.13.0 - 08/07/2013:

  • Bounce Mailboxes: Hide non-working Clarification Feature
  • Template Tags: selection change Display Msg and Mobile to use tags instead of full URL
  • Realm Create/Edit: Tracking option to ignore Open, Click, Unsub, ListCtrl events from specific IP addresses defined in realm
  • Standard Segmentation: error on valid operator selection
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