Version 8.17


Version 8.17 was released October 02, 2013.

Features and Enhancements

v8.17 corrects an issue in tracking of Courtesy Emails on a subscriber Sign Up as well as an issue using fillin fields with the HTTP API schedule_deployment command.

Several topics have been removed from the platform Online Help.  The topics have been expanded and moved into the Learning Center.

List Management

Release Dates and Change List

8.17.0 - 10/02/2013:

  • Social Provider: do not use configured 'public_url'
  • HTTP API: schedule_deployment doesn't support special characters as expected in fillin field
  • Courtesy Messages: Incorrectly logged as API calls; Add Conversion Tracking to learning center
  • Lists: Remove popup help from UI
  • Learning Center: Update List Mgmt and
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