Version 9.0


Version 9.0 was released in January 2014.

Features and Enhancements

v9.0 introduced a new User Interface and Dashboard.


The Dashboard landing page was updated with a more informative at a glance overview charts, campaign statistics, and delivery data.  Click a recent campaign to see charts comparing key campaign details such as Delivered, Bounced, Opened, Clicked, and Opted Out.

User Interface and Usability

The User Interface was re-designed to provide a clean and contemporary look with streamlined fonts, colors, and UI elements to provide a consistent and uniform user experience. This new UI is based on the Flat UI design idea, making it easier to use the site via mobile access as well as traditional desktop.

All of the functionality has remained the same – you still create a template or list the same way and you still deploy a campaign the same way. The big change is on the outside.

Flat Ui is a design approach that simplifies everything. Many other interfaces are adopting flat design, such as Windows 8 and the recent Apple update. Instead of creating intricate images to represent actions or tasks, designers using flat UI use simple two-dimensional images.

Flat UI is catching on for a reason; it’s intuitive and easy to grasp. The simpler design allows you to navigate through the system more easily.

Relational Data Storage

Relational Database storage allows you to store and use more information about subscriber's and their related data more efficiently.  You probably have information about customers, orders, order details, products and suppliers. Each of those categories has additional subcategories of information and behaviors which may span years. Trying to organize that data into separate records and use it practically can be difficult.

The relational database lets you create multiple data tables and then link them to each other to form parent-child (one-to-many) relationships.  Once the appropriate tables are linked, you can start using your data for deep segmentation and personalization. The relational database helps you gather and store the right data so you can send the right message to the right person at the right time.


Release Dates and Change List

9.0.0 - 01/11/2014:

  • First release. Major changes and new features.

  • UI overhaul

  • New Dashboard

  • New Relational Database

    • Manage Tables

    • Manage Fields

    • Import

    • Export

9.0.02 - 01/14/2014:

  • Announcements: Display issues

  • Report Wizards: Various formatting and selection issues

  • Deploy Campaign Wizard:Formatting, Selection issues

  • Deploy Remarketing: View Results selections do not enable NEXT button

  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Fillin button does not display on Edit

  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Mailing Type selection issues

  • Display Message: Error appearing in bottom of page

  • Tracking Exclusions: Filter doesn't work

  • UI Speed: Pages with drop-down menus take a long time to load, sometimes throwing script error

  • Edit List: Formatting, Selection issues

  • Media Manager: URL to file does not include folders and subfolders

  • Permissions: Implement correct permissions for new View Tasks/Scheduled Tasks pages

  • Add/Edit Realm: Various selection issues

  • Edit Subscriber Details: Lists do not stay selected when save

  • Search for Subscriber: error appear/disappear at top of page

9.0.03 - 01/15/2014:

  • UI:

    • Change 'CREATE' and 'UPDATE' buttons to 'SAVE'

    • All places need bin/tasks changed to bin/current_tasks

  • Campaign Report Wizard: Landing page issues

  • Deploy Campaign Wizard: Mailing Type issues

  • Import Subscribers: Start another button redirects to blank page

  • Media Manager and File Manager: Issues with folder/file management

  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Workflow approval is missing every hour options after 24 hours again

  • Subscriber Create: Update button should be Save

  • Tracking: Browser/Device stats are missing

9.0.04 - 01/16/2014:

  • Event Report Wizard: Email column is not included in the report

  • Schedule Event Report Wizard: Email column is not included in the report

  • Report Wizards: Checkbox and button issues

  • Edit Realm: Radio buttons for Soft Bounce threshold issue

  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Fillin fields issues

  • Manage Folders: Google Analytics code displays at the top of the page

9.0.05 - 01/20/2014:

  • Add Set Data Macro, Alias, Article: Cancel acts like save

  • Add/Edit Bounce Mailbox: cannot create/save

  • Calendar: Add filter for scheduled events

  • Campaign Message: Share bar is displayed in message when should be hidden

  • Report Wizards: Select options and buttons issues

  • Deploy Campaign Wizard:

    • Social publishing option issues

    • Update Counts: No indicator it is working

  • Test List: Default Template not displayed after List selection

  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Social Mailing Type issues

  • Deploy Remarketing: Campaigns do not have new UI for radio buttons

  • Edit Subscriber:

    • Cancel doesn't close the page

    • Update error when attempt to save new subscriber

  • Edit User: Labels issues

  • Export: Lists has extra line in listbox

  • Forgot and Reset Password UI improvements

  • Import: Map Fields selection is not honored

  • Javascript: error on pages with long drop-down menus

  • Lists: Error appears obscured by menus

  • Permissions issues

  • Subscription Form Wizard: Page 1 Customer Key realm options should only show if Unsub option selected

  • View Segmentation Rules: Missing Sort Date column


9.0.06 - 01/21/2014:

  • UI:

    • Remove blue styling from listboxes

    • Improve speed on page loads

  • Deploy Remarketing: Cannot select radio button for campaigns

  • Test List: takes a long time to load on realms with lots of lists or templates

  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Workflow approval hour option is not saved

  • Add/Edit Template: Add/Edit Article popup have headers and footers

  • Dashboard: Rework scheduled events on dashboard

  • Report Wizards: Selection issues


9.0.07 - 01/23/2014:

  • Add/Edit Template: buttons cover form fields

  • Campaign Details:

    • Click Heat Map page options are not formatted

    • Share Detail is missing

  • Edit Realm:

    • Parent code is selectable

    • Security settings link issues

  • Import (Relational Realm): Map Fields selection is not honored

  • Report Wizards: Button and checkbox issues

  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Fillin button does not display on selection

  • Schedule Campaign Deployment:

    • Radio button not aligned with feature

    • Update existing clears Fillin field

  • Schedule Wizards: Delete button in Schedule new

  • Test List: Template listbox turns gray

  • UI:

    • 'Exploding' selections/buttons removed

    • Listboxes are not wide enough

    • Scroll bars in listboxes do not work in Chrome

  • View A/B Campaign: Display issues


9.0.08 - 01/27/2014:

  • Announcements: Display issues

  • Articles: Move Selected button does not move

  • Calendar: UI Improvements

  • Deploy Campaign: Add Subject to Confirmation page

  • Edit List: UI Improvements

  • Edit Standard Segmentation: Cannot open rule with & in name for editing

  • Impersonate realm: CLEAR button redirects to blank screen

  • Import: progress bar does not progress as expected

  • Login: Cannot login after reset expired password

  • Menu: Permissions issues

  • Preference Sites: Formatting issues

  • Registration Profile: UI Improvements

  • Report Wizards: Selection, Button and formatting issues

  • Security: Can't add IP to IP Restrictions box

  • Segmentation: Standard Rules with NOT operator crossing tables error out

  • Task History: UI Improvements

  • Templates: WYSIWYG editor table color selection issues

  • Test List: Recipients(s) box is set to a lower character limit than in the Old UI


9.0.09 - 01/30/2014:

  • Deploy Remarketing: Button activation issues

  • Edit Folder: Description appears with ()

  • Edit List: Save does not save changes in IE9

  • Message Lab: Checkboxes not responding as expected

  • Schedule Campaign Report: Selection issues

  • Subscriber Edit: Opted Out lists are not indicated on Subscriptions tab

  • Suppression List: Sorted in a case-sensitive order

  • View Campaigns: Click Heat Map page does not display pop-ups


9.0.010 - 02/03/2014:

  • Templates: New ARCHIVE Feature

  • Calendar: UI Improvements

  • Users: UI Improvements

  • Conversion Tracking Events: Cannot edit event

  • Event Macros: Cannot delete items

  • Menus: Permissions issues

  • Scheduled Campaign Deployment: Super List doesn't send to selected Template

  • Subscriber Search:

    • Customer key not visible in Subscriber record on Customer Key realm

    • Only show Realm listbox for Employee, Super, Private Label Admin

    • Realm listbox loses list of realms

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