Version 9.3


Version 9.3 was released in April 2014.

Features and Enhancements

v9.3 continued the improvements of 9.0 for Relational Database and the the new Drag and Drop Segmentation UI Beta version.

Release Dates and Change List

9.3.0 - 04/03/2014:


  • Reporting: Improvements to data aggregation
  • Relational Data: Various continued improvements
  • Schedule Deployment A/B Campaigns with Workflow:
    • Correctly calculate Start and End time when scheduled by User impersonating a realm.
  • Add/Edit Subscriber:
    • Allow adding subscriber in Customer Key realm if the email address is already in use (duplicate subscriber, unique Customer Key)
  • Deploy and Schedule Campaigns: Acknowledge radio button selection in Wizards when the Label is clicked instead of the button.  Fixed for both Mailing Type and Format.

Features & Improvements

  • New Segmentation User Interface - continued improvements
    • This is a BETA release of the new Segmentation UI
    • detail - Now reports subscriber created and updated dates
    • rpt_subscriber_by_update_datetime - Report Subscribers updated between two dates
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment:
    • Extend Worflow options from 72 hours to 168 hours
    • Add option to Workflow to autocalculate the time to send the Workflow approval email based on the scheduled time
    • Improve Delete Scheduled Event to also delete any approved workflow tasks, in order to prevent the campaign from deploying.
    • Improve Edit Scheduled Event so if a change is made after a Workflow has been sent, the existing Workflow will be removed and a new Workflow will be sent to reflect the changes.
  • Rapleaf Integration Phase 2.  (This is not yet available for use.)

Learning Center

9.3.1 - 04/10/2014:


  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Workflow sends 'just at' if there is less than an hour between Start Time and Auto-calc

9.3.2/3 - 04/18/2014:


  • Advanced Segmentation: Error if custom field contains string 'and'
  • Advanced Segmentation: Error if test relational with beginswith/endswith/contains
  • Video not displaying in landing pages

9.3.4 - 04/24/2014:


  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: 'Auto-calculate' option should send the workflow immediately
  • Query Tool: Sort Database drop-down alphabetically

9.3.5 - 04//2014:


  • HTTP API: Find and FindinList in customer_key realm need to return the Customer Key in the results
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