Version 9.6

Version 9.6 released in July 2014.

Features and Enhancements

v9.6 continued the improvements of 9.0 for Relational Database and the Drag and Drop Segmentation UI Beta version.  In addition, a new List Definition feature is available, and a Realm can be setup to use a specific time zone.


  • List-Unsubscribe: Add an option to enter unsubscribe links manually The List-Unsubscribe feature in the Advanced List Properties now allows you to enter one or both List Unsubscribe URL link and/or Mailto. 

  • List Definition

    With a List Definition, a user can define all the options for a list, then use this definition to create many new lists using the same settings.  It is better than a simple List Copy, because if you change the List Definition, you can also select to update one or all of the related lists with the new changes. To update one or more lists after a List Definition has been updated, go to Lists > List Definitions.  Click View Lists next to the List Definition that has been changed.  Select the checkbox next to each list you wish to update, then click Sync Lists.  This will overwrite any changes to the List that have been made since the List was created. To create a List Definition, go to Lists > List Definitions, and then click Add List Definition.    Enter a Name, and then click Save.  Set all the List Definition Properties, then click Save.  To create a List from a List Definition, go to Lists > View Lists, and then click Add List.    Enter a Name, select the List Definition, select a Type (Normal or Seed only) and then click Save.  The new list will appear in the Lists page, and when you open to edit, it will have all the properties defined in the List Definition.
  • Realm Timezone

    Customers in different areas can now have their realm interface reflect their local time zone.  This is a Realm Setting that can be defined upon realm create or changed at anytime.  The default time zone is whatever the system is set to.  For example, the SaaS default is Pacific Time.  To set the timezone, a customer must have their TAM make the change for them.  To do this, go to the Admin menu and then go to Realm Management > Edit Realm.   Scroll down to Realm Timezone and make a selection, then click Update.

Release Dates and Change List

The following are the dates and changes made for this version.

Edit section

9.6.0 - 07/16/2014

Features & Improvements

  • List-Unsubscribe: Add an option to enter unsubscribe links manually

  • Test List: improve error message for list with no from address

  • List Definition: New Feature to create a reusable definition for creating lists

  • Realm TimeZone: allow admin to set a Realm specific time zone for all User Interface


  • Admin Tools    
    • Version page: Close button is nonaligned
    • Query Tool: Increase max rows and default value
    • Query Tool: Need UI formatting
    • Query Tool: Query box too small
    • Intercom: Timestamp appears incorrect
    • Tasks: Task start time is incorrect in the UI
    • Edit Realm: Analytics option automatically unchecked
    • Task History: Order Task Type alphanumeric
    • Task History: Import Relational error column numbers incorrect
    • Task History: Import Relational error incomplete and unclear
    • Task History: White page on load
    • Bounce Mailboxes: Cancel saves changes
    • Bounce Mailboxes: Cannot delete
  • Export
    • Export Subscribers: Back acts like Submit
    • Export Subscribers: White page if no list selected in Relational realm
    • Export Relational: Back acts like Submit
    • Export Relational: Email "There was a problem exporting your list" when Table is Exported
    • Export Relational: 'null' appears in exported data
    • Export Relational: Result file name contains string 'null'
    • Export Relational: Wizard allows you to continue without selecting a list
    • Export Relational: Wizard does not remember all settings on error
    • Export Relational: Wizard generates empty report file with headers for unselected columns
  • List Management
    • View Lists: List Matrix Button Does Nothing
    • List-Unsubscribe: Errors in servlet.log on save
  • Segmentation Beta
    • Add Rule: Tracking Event Type 'Read' should be 'Open'
    • Save: Cannot save rule in Standard Flat UI Beta
    • Segmentation Flat UI: Field filter is case-sensitive
  • Segmentation Existing
    • Add Rule: Advanced rule stored segmentation_saved_by as 'flex'
    • Add Rule: Event Based rule stored segmentation_saved_by as 'flex'
    • Segmentation: Change Date label column names
  • View Campaigns/Details
    • View A/B Campaign: Video section is empty
    • Campaign Details: Video section is empty
    • View Campaigns: Lists listbox is not sorted
    • View Campaigns: Date Sent displays PDT on systems on other timezones
  • Scheduled Campaign Deployment: Case issue in confirmation when Deployment is deleted
  • Subscriber Details: Created/Updated Date are missing
  • Online help: Page does not display
  • Custom Fields: missing character in validation message

9.6.1 - 07/16/2014


  • WebServices API: Remove the hard-coded INDEX name from queries in APIReportingHandler
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