Version 9.7


Version 9.7 released in July 2014.

Features and Enhancements

v9.7 continued the improvements of 9.0 for Relational Database and the Drag and Drop Segmentation UI Beta version.  It also includes fixes for issues in features such as Preference Sites and Universal Opt-Out.

Release Dates and Change List

The following are the dates and changes made for this version.

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9.7.0 - 07/24/2014

Improvements & Fixes

  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Scheduling at time without space before AM/PM (1:00pm vs 1:00 pm) causes immediate deployment

  • Deploy Campaign: Quickly clicking twice on the Send button in new interface will send a campaign twice

  • Import: Hide Allow Duplicates when Smart Subscribe is unchecked

  • Subscription Form Wizard: Email address field appears twice in Unsub form

  • Preview Template: No Subject is displayed

  • Subscriber Details: Cannot set or clear Universal Opt Out

  • Add Suppression List: Invalid characters causes "more than one column" error message

  • Login

    • Authorize IP page need new flat ui formatting on no session page

    • After authorize, lands on Login page with code tags displayed

  • Preference Sites

    • Date fields inserted with invalid id, name

    • Make "Autosave" option unchecked as default

    • Unsubscribe: "Email address is blank" error upon form submission

    • Manage: No Email Error on submission

  • Standard Segmentation

    • Bad query for Browser/Device conditions

  • Beta Segmentation UI

    • Cannot find Korea, South or other strings with comma in value

    • Edit Rule: SAVE button does not save rule

    • Add Rule: Tracking Event Type order is by ID descending

    • Add Rule: Cannot see full list ot Tracking Event Types

    • Incorrect grammar in Less than/Greater than or Equal conditions

    • Operators use inconsistent case

    • Up/Down arrows in Number and Float value fields

    • Attempt to edit opens in old Flex UI instead of Flat UI

    • Operators are not in same order between text type fields and number/date type fields

    • Date/Number/Float Operator field options have unnecesary scroll bar

    • Value fields do not show text extended to full width of box

    • Connection line does not always connect

    • Remove Revert and replace with Close button

    • Add ability to Delete from Edit page

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