Version 9.9



Version 9.9 released in August 2014.

Features and Enhancements

v9.9 continued the improvements of 9.0 for the Drag and Drop Segmentation UI version, as well as BETA release of the new Creative Library feature.

Release Dates and Change List

The following are the dates and changes made for this version.

9.9.0 - 08/21/2014


  • Folders: Default Folder drop-down to "-- Unfiled --" In Lists, List Definitions, Segmentation Rules, Templates, Creative Library, and Articles the default Folder option will display all Unfiled items on page load.  This will improve page load time and allow users to more quickly access the page and move to other folders when needed.


  • BETA Creative Library


  • Customer Key Realms:
    • Template Preview: Cannot Preview specific subscriber on Customer Key realm
  • Realm Management:
    • View About Realm: Move version information to top of screen
    • Create Realm: Customer Key selection missing
  • Segmentation New UI
    • SQL query is visible to users below Super User
    • Plus sign in the value field turns into space
    • Nested OR Condition Spins
    • Drag and Drop of Condition set onto condition creates orphan set
    • Cannot select multiple values from listbox for the IN and NOT IN conditions
    • Cannot create new or save existing rule with = or != (blank)
    • Opening some older rules in the new Seg UI results in "internal server error"
    • Opening N-way rules in the new Seg UI results in "internal server error"
    • Time of Rule Creation/Modification Incorrect
  • View Campaigns
    • Hidden campaigns do not remain hidden
    • Campaign Pieces Sent stats from API sends do not update
  • Templates
    • Cannot Preview specific subscriber on Customer Key realm
    • Preference Site Dropdown Missing From Template Tags Screen
  • HTTP API: Subscribing with default format results in format = -1  

Learning Center

9.9.1 - 08/28/2014


  • Import: Email Address now updates with SmartSubscribe import in Customer Key Realms


  • Announcements: Font is difficult to read
  • Campaign Summary
    • Exception inserting a campaign_summary record in PublishingWatcher
    • Campaign Details by Date Range shows 0% on last day
    • Dashboard: nullpointerexception in log when list missing
    • Realm Create: Campaign Summary not enabled when create new realm
  • User Interface
    • Deploy Campaign: Send button is not aligned
    • Event Macros: Checkbox not aligned
    • Exclusion URLs: Select all checkbox misaligned
    • FTP Manager: buttons are not right aligned
    • View Lists: Show More Detail table wider than defined space
    • Registration Profiles: button is out of defined area
    • Social Providers: button alignment
  • Standard Segmentation
    • Pre existing segmentation rules show 0 subscribers on test, but export and deploy correct numbers

Learning Center

9.9.2 - 09/04/2014

Edit section


  • Announcements: Images missing
  • Campaign Summary improvements
  • Publishing: failure if no custom fields defined in realm
  • Template Preview: Preview issue when CSRF security enabled on system
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