Version 9.10


Version 9.10 released in September 2014.

Features and Enhancements

v9.10 continued the improvements of 9.0, BETA updates for the new Creative Library and Template Editor features, as well as preparations for the new Lifecycle feature.

Release Dates and Change List

The following are the dates and changes made for this version.Edit section

9.10.0 - 09/10/2014


  • Segmentation:
    • Add logging table to track queries from segmentation rules
    • Make test results remain visible


  • MD5 Encryption:
    • Add encryption of email address for creating, importing, and editing subscribers
    • Add MD5 encryption field in subscriber detail page
  • Template Editor: (BETA)
    • Continued improvements for new feature in BETA release
  • Creative Library: (BETA)
    • Creative Name not displayed correct in copy popup
    • Add ability to copy as Creative or Template
    • Show name on list page


  • Announcements:
    • Password Change Formatting issues
    • Standard Segmentation Announcement does not go across page
  • View Campaigns: Sort by number sent not working correctly
  • File Manager: Errant slash in direction text
  • Lists: Definitions appear in Lists page
  • UI: Buttons are not the same size
  • Preference Site: Subscribe One Click Generate Form siteURL missing
  • Security: CSRF "on" causes issues with display of Security page
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: NPE when template not selected
  • View Seg Rules: Add Rules is not aligned
  • Segmentation Relational Issue (returns 0)
  • Standard Segmentation: Rules with Dates open without the saved settings
  • Subscribe Form: Hidden Data not passed if Date input is not populated
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