Version 10.0

Version 10.0 released in September 20, 2014.

Features and Enhancements

v10.0 introduces Lifecycle Campaign Management.

In the broadest sense, Lifecycle Marketing is about providing value to current and prospective customers from the moment they become aware of your brand until the moment they cease to be customers. Practically, though, Lifecycle Marketing is a series of drip campaigns set up to send timely, relevant content at each stage of the lifecycle.

Using WhatCounts Lifecycle Campaign Management you can customize your lifecycle to fit your marketing needs. Each company's lifecycle is unique based on the email programs being scheduled and triggered in each of the following phases:

  • Acquire
  • Convert
  • Grow
  • Retain
  • Win-Back

These smart, personalized emails are the top ROI- producing resources for marketers. In fact, Lifecycle Marketing campaigns generate as much as nine times greater results than other types of marketing campaigns (JupiterResearch).

Want help defining and optimizing current email programs? How about identifying new lifecycle programs to build? Our Strategic Services team can help! Reach out to the team at to set up a free strategy consultation.

Release Dates and Change List

The following are the dates and changes made for this version.Edit section

10.0.0 - 09/20/2014


  • Continued improvement to Creative Library (BETA)


  • Lifecycle Campaign Management
  • Import Subscribers and add to Lifecycle Campaign
  • Add new List subscribers to a Lifecycle Campaign


  • Segmentation: White screen on delete in seg rule edit page with CSRF enabled

Learning Center

10.0.1 - 09/22/2014


  • Security: add fields to OWASP filter to allow api calls for articles
  • Lifecycle Definition: remove campaign count from View Definitions page
  • Deploy Campaign Wizard: Hide inactive Lifecycle Campaigns
  • Lifecycle: Hide lists with workflow enabled
  • Lifecycle Campaigns: Show page loading image
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Show active inactive in lifecycle dropdown


  • Lifecycle Definition/Campaign: Copy uses same Title for new item

  • Lifecycle Campaign: Copy does not copy as expected

  • Lifecycle: New realm is not added to to processing until after robot restart

  • Logs: stack trace when hunting for the global binding Port, which we eliminated

10.0.2 - 09/23/2014


  • Lifecycle Definition/Campaign: Email action must be first
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