Version 10.1

Version 10.1 released in October 02, 2014.

Features and Enhancements

v10.1 continues the development of Lifecycle Campaign Management.

Release Dates and Change List

The following are the dates and changes made for this version.Edit section

10.1.0 - 10/02/2014


  • List Definition:
    • Hide Delete link if used in lifecycle   
    • Prevent DELETE if used in Lifecycle Campaign
  • Templates:
    • Prevent DELETE if used in Lifecycle Campaign
    • Hide Delete link if used in lifecycle
  • Lifecycle Definition/Campaign:
    • Actions should have red border when added to lifecycle
    • Filling out the required fields for lifecycle actions should remove the red border
    • If subject is missing show warning
    • Validate workspace popups
    • Delete needs to indicate which LCs are preventing delete Add option to Save and Close from editor


  • HTTP API: Add addtolifecyclecampaign allow add multiple subscribers
  • HTTP API: Add command createcreativelibrary Creative Library command to create new creative


  • Announcements: Announcement reappears after the user closed it
  • CampaignSummary: Remove campaign_summary updates from API Handlers
  • FTP API:
    • Smartsub does not initiate Lifecycle Campaign
    • subandsend Sends two instances of Lifecycle Campaign
  • HTTP API: update does not initiate Lifecycle Campaign for list
  • Edit Article: Encoded Characters converted from encoded
  • Task Manager: Cannot Pause or Delete Tasks with CSRF enabled
  • Deploy Campaign: Lifecycle selectbox disappears
  • Export Relational: list of tables is missing when Export from Tables page
  • Import: Unchecked "Okay to update subscriber record if it exists" box causes import failure
  • Lifecycle Campaign:
    • Copy includes no Title
    • Do not start campaign for 0 subscribers
    • Edit Subscription does not update subscriber count
    • Does not SAVE AS DEFINITION to Definitions Page
    • Convert Lists to BatchGroups
  • Lifecycle Definition/Campaign:
    • Allows duplicate Name
    • Allows duplicate Name on copy
    • Copy copies exact Created/Modified info
    • Copy LC doesn't update Title
    • Copy of LC creates duplicate name
    • Copy uses Name instead of Title
    • Date columns do not sort correctly
    • Filter filters on Name and not Title
    • Popup number spinners allow negative numbers
    • Switch Version dropdown has scroll bar
    • Switch Version dropdown when no versions to select
    • Switch Version hard to tell difference between versions
    • Switch Version remembers all the same after close
    • Switch Version replaces all versions with selected
  • Lifecycle Type, Phase, Category: Error remains after close page
  • Batch Subscribe: Does not initiate Lifecycle Campaign for list
  • ListCTRL: Subscribe does not launch Lifecycle
  • List Definition: Delete from table is not responsive
  • Edit Subscriber: Sends two instances of Lifecycle Campaign for list
  • Subscription Form Wizard: Hide Lifecycle Lists from List option
  • Copy List: White page when use space as name
  • Subscriber Search: Add feature to Delete Multiple Subscribers
  • Template Editor: Mobile data not updating

Learning Center


10.1.1 - 10/04/2014


  • Direct update to Saas

10.1.2 - 10/09/2014


  • API: Send with campaign name keeps creating new campaigns if there's already more than one
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