Version 10.3

Version 10.3 released in October 30, 2014.

Features and Enhancements

v10.3 continues the development of Lifecycle Campaign Management with the addition of Data Check action, as well as continued Beta Template Editor improvements.  In addition, the release contains many other bug fixes and improvements.

Release Dates and Change List

The following are the dates and changes made for this version.Edit section

10.3.0 - 10/30/2014


  • HTTP API: addtolifecycle adds transactional id to active_action.
  • Dashboard: Change Bounces column label to Hard Bounces
  • Remove MySql: Remove all references from the 'platform' package
  • Lifecyle Deploy Campaign Wizard:
    • Do not go to Dashboard after send
    • Do not send to lifecycle with 0 subscribers
    • Send notification at end of lifecycle campaign
    • Use Lifecycle Title in listbox instead of Name
  • Lifecycle
    • Add ability to archive
  • Reports
    • Campaign Report Wizard: Default report name is "Custom Report for [user]"
    • Event Wizard: Default report name is "Custom Report for [user]"
  • Media/File Manager: Do not allow invalid characters on rename
  • Task History:
    • Task Details should include file name for tasks that involve files
    • Add history items for Lifecycle campaigns
  • Import: Merge import wizards into a single wizard
  • Publishing: Optimize to make it faster in the post-mongo world
  • Create Realm:
    • Use the /resource/db/master.xml for processing
    • New Child realms use Parent Level realm services
  • Relational View Tables: Total should not include count of deleted tables
  • Remove Remarketing feature
  • Segmentation Flat UI: Problems when dragging and dropping fields with long names
  • Subscriber Search: Improve search performance
  • Template Editor Beta:
    • Add Insert Video
    • Combine Articles and Advanced Articles
    • Disable Click Bar in HTML Mode
    • Save appears successful when no Name defined
    • Add Preview for specific subscriber


    • addtolifecyclecampaign count does not include failed/invalid
    • Details command Not Returning Some Custom Fields
    • updatelist without list_name parameter clears list name
  • Article Preview: plain text and html preview displayed on one page on SaaS, can't toggle between them
  • Bounce Search: Cannot see full Pop-Up Window
  • Content Analysis:
    • Cannot see errors or results when run from Template Preview
    • Not displaying Format options in popup on https
  • Courtesy Message: Custom Data does not fill for new subscriber
  • Publishing Control: Deleting paused task in publishing control deploys campaign anyway with CSRF enabled
  • Users: View All Realms white screen with CSRF enabled
  • Event Wizard:
    • Label does not affect selections
    • Custom Data not included when field name is upper case
  • Campaign Report: does not honor Subject Line set in Lifecycle
  • Exclusion URLs: Can't delete custom exclusion URLs
  • Subscriber Export: Progress bar completes before the export is done
  • Folders: Lists and List Definitions do not remember user folder preference
  • Friendly URLs: Friendly name is not saved for URLs over 255 characters
  • Task History: Import Subscriber error page does show correct column number
  • Import
    • Change LcCampaign dropdowns from 'name' to 'title' in import and list default
    • Deploys to default list lifecycle instead of specifc on selected in wizard
    • Deploys to lifecycle even when set to ignore
  • Import Relational:
    • Cannot save Mapping Profile
    • Map Fields does not automap like regular import
    • Multiple Instances of Mapping Profile May Be Saved
    • Selected Mapping Profile is non-functional
  • Lifecycle
    • Manage Lifecycle pages not sorted alphanumeric
    • Allow filter table by Active/Inactive column
    • Does not deploy third send
    • Email after a yes click with wait until duration not sending
    • Email after open within action not sending
    • Save as Defintion copies Modifed By
    • Can put a flow back into itself
    • Edit Subscription Action Global Optout doesn't save
    • Definition: Set value dropdowns in actions not registering clicks
    • Campaign: Prompt to handle batches when Activate an inactive campaign
    • Send Alert To does not validate for improperly formatted email addresses
    • Wait Until sends Alert every minute
    • '&' in subject line cannot be saved
    • Definition: Red outline for Deploy does not go away
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Use Lifecycle Title in listbox instead of Name
  • List Edit: Use Lifecycle Title in listbox instead of Name
  • Preference Site:
    • Hide Lifecycle and Super lists in One Click Generate Form
    • Subscriber - One-click subscribe not working
  • My Profile:
    • Menu formatting issues when update profile
    • Failure messages appear unformatted in page
  • Relational
    • Add Column: Able to add string column > 4000 character site
    • Add Table: Blank page if not yet sync'd
    • Query Tool: drop down Column cannot keep the selected value
    • Query Tool: edit is not working
    • Query Tool: page displays white screen
  • Segmentation Flat UI:
    • Field categories menu appears behind the conditions layer in Chrome
    • Save and Test throws already exists error
  • Subscriber Search:
    • Notification does not show when zero results returned
    • Select All does not select all
  • Template Preview:
    • Cannot Preview Plain Text in Customer Key Realm
    • Custom Data values will not display with case mismatch
  • Templates:
    • WYSIWYG insert "Custom Data" button issue (remove button)
    • Copy as Creative doesn't copy all Advanced Settings
    • Copy does not validate for blank name


  • Lifecycle
    • Add Data Check action
    • Add Data Update action
    • Add ability to define Notification email
    • Add Update Data action
  • Relational: Add ability to clear data from table

10.3.1 - 11/1/2014


  • Publishing: NPE if no custom fields defined in the realm

10.3.2 - 11/7/2014


  • WebServices API: customFieldEnum()


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