Version 10.5

Version 10.5 released January 22, 2015.

Features and Enhancements

v10.5 continues the development of Lifecycle Campaign Management, as well as Beta Template Editor improvements.  In addition, the release contains many other bug fixes and improvements.

Release Dates and Change List

The following are the dates and changes made for this version.

10.5.0 - 1/22/2015


  • Admin Tools: Allow configuration of the default time zone
  • Subscriber Tools: Add user glom decrypt lifecycle info to ui
  • Creative Library: Add template_subject column to the template_library table
  • Realm Settings: Add Customer key info to edit realm page
  • Create Realm: Add Customer Key 'approver' field to create realm page
  • Import Relational:
    • Do not allow import if no subscriber records exist in list
    • No completion email is sent to user
  • Media/File Manager: Add option to delete multiple files/folders
  • Tasks: Do not allow manipulation of a lifecycle Task
  • Lifecycle
    • Campaigns: Cannot distinguish between Active/Inactive in Move to Lifecycle action
    • Lifecycle: Filter has no Clear option
    • Campaigns: Add Action Open or Click
  • Preference Sites:
    • Pass Customer Key through pref site pages
    • Prevent editing of text fields in CK enabled pref sites
  • Publishing: Log info when From address missing in campaign
  • Relational:
    • FLAT export added to query page
    • Add way to tell string field character limit
  • Rapleaf: getting and closing db connection in relational
  • Segmentation Flat UI: Add a generate sql option in the drop down
  • Super List: Note that it does not dedupe when workflow is enabled


  • FTP API: subscribe to a list with default Lifecycle does not batch subscribers
  • FTP XML API: relationalsave command does not match formatting of other api commands
    • addtolifecyclecampaign does not add to batch in Customer Key realm
    • relationaladdfield allows string size > 4000
    • relationaldelete error invalid if columns other than uid defined
    • relationaldelete if table/column inactive, error format invalid
    • relationaldelete table missing error incomplete
    • relationalfindfields add arguements to find based on other flags
    • relationalfindfields includes bad character instead of tab
    • relationalfindfields includes header row when headers=0
    • relationalfindfields missing some data about the fields
    • relationalfindfields results are missing quotation marks
    • relationalfindtables includes bad character instead of tab
    • relationalfindtables includes table header row even when headers=0
    • relationalfindtables results are missing quotation marks
    • relationalfind error does not indicate reason
    • relationalfind error mising reason when table invalid
    • relationalfind includes bad character instead of tab
    • relationalfind results are missing quotation marks
    • relationalfind returns rows with trailing comma/pipe
    • relationalsave does not honor settings to prevent import/edit
    • relationalsave does not indicate string too long
    • relationalsave is case sensitive for table name
    • relationalsave issues when invalid subscriber identifier
    • relationalsave issues when missing subscriber identifier
    • relationalsave missing UID error incomplete
    • Unsubscribe Failure in Customer Key realm
  • Custom Fields: Stats show no results for FLOAT type when Mongo disabled
  • Deploy Campaign:
    • Automatic deployment when updating count with seg rule
    • White screen when Template created from BETA
    • White screen when Template Subject Line is blank
  • File Manager: Error when trying to access logged in as List Manager
  • Export Relational: white screen on the second page
  • Import Relational:
    • Flat Table: do not include Subscriber options in wizard
    • Customer key realm indicated email + first are required.
    • Data Type box is empty for user with Support Permissions
    • Do not allow import if no list exists
    • Does import into string field of 4000 characters
    • Fails with error sent to Bill
    • JOIN Import mapping dropdown missing required email verbage
    • Three of supported date formats fail to import
  • Lifecycle:
    • Lifecycle Definition: Save and Close goes to Campaign Library
    • Lifecycle Campaign: Copy gives error about missing Default Notify Email
    • Lifecycle Campaign: Error: NULL on save in existing Campaign
    • Lifecycle Campaign: Fills up scheduled tasks preventing ability to open pages
    • Lifecycle Campaign: Uninformative error
    • Lifecycle Definition/Campaign: New item is not sorted on insert
    • Lifecycle: Campaigns do not deploy
    • Lifecycle Campaign: Check Data action columns are displayed reverse alpha order
    • Lifecycle Campaign: Check Data Columns fill when no table selected
    • Lifecycle Campaign: Check Data comparison operators in different order
    • Lifecycle Campaign: Check Data fields do not appear filled when reopen
    • Lifecycle Campaign: Check Data remove 'LIKE'/'NOT LIKE' options for Number/Float fields
    • Lifecycle Campaign: Check Data remove 'matches' options
    • Lifecycle Campaign: Update Data action loses values on reopen
    • Lifecycle Campaign: Update Data of type Text formatting issue
    • Lifecycle: Data Check missing second Date field when Operator is set to Between
    • Lifecycle Campaign: Clarify validation message on Options
    • Lifecycle Campaign: Clarify validation messages on Deploy Email actions
    • Lifecycle Campaign: Deploy Email action name inconsistent in error message
    • Lifecycle Action: Edit Subscriber listbox default disappears
    • Lifecycle Action: Edit Subscriber listbox order
    • Lifecycle: Edit Subscription action does not save list
    • Lifecycle Campaign: Cannot save with Open or Click Action
    • Lifecycle: Send Alert Action throws error when data exceeds max db column length
    • Lifecycle: Wait Until action missing date / time picker in Firefox
    • Lifecycle: Filter closes when click the Date selector
    • Lifecycle: Filter does not close after Search complete
    • Lifecycle: Batches do not honor opt outs
    • Lifecycle: add alert in UI to indicate no robot is assigned to realm
    • Schedule Lifecycle Campaign: Do not allow schedule if inactive
    • Tracking summary tables not storing the active_action_id
    • Lifecycle Audit: add realm lifecycle was created for in the lifecycle audit entry
  • Password Change: Unknown Credentials error on Save
  • My Profile: Unable to view profile in Editor permission
  • Create Realm: Indexes are not created
  • Edit Realm: Can only edit realm you are impersonating
  • Relational:
    • Remove export link from flat tables
    • FLAT tables with no JOIN to subscribers table should not be available in Editor
    • Template Editor: check for relational flag before doing any relational logic on template edit page
    • Relational Delete: Cannot remove relational table in realm
  • Reports:
    • Campaign Report Wizard: Click Through Rate calculated incorrectly
    • Campaign Report Wizard: Open Rate calculation incorrect
    • Custom Report Wizard: Database connection issue causes report to fail
    • Event Wizard: Database connection issue cause report with missing data
    • Standard Report Library: Engagement Counts report produces no data
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: nullpointerexception in servlet.log on page load
  • Segmentation:
    • Cannot set more than one Date rule to use TODAY
    • Field area selector appears under rules in workspace
    • Nesting a condition deeper results in a double display of the condition
    • Nesting conditions dragging issues
    • Save and Test returns 0 results for simple custom field rule
    • Value selection reverts to default when condition is nested with a different group
    • Two And operators appear when nesting changes
    • N-Way: rules open in old UI segmentation
  • Subscription records not deleted when subscriber deleted
  • Suppress: Error in the logs whenever suppress is run through the UI
  • View Tasks: Cannot view popup info due to CSRF issue
  • Template Editor: Submenus do not display after save


  • Admin Tools: Audit Action history report for support
  • Admin Tools: Delete Realm
  • Template Editor BETA:
    • Template Editor BETA: Add Send Test Email
    • Template Editor BETA: Move Subject Line to Main Page
    • Template Editor BETA: Add Social tags
    • Template Editor BETA: Add Social tab
    • Template Editor BETA: Add Mobile tab
    • Template Editor BETA: Add Plain Text tab
    • Template Editor BETA: Add Raw Editor
    • Template Editor BETA: Validate for subject line




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