Version 10.6

Version 10.6 released February 5, 2015.

Features and Enhancements

v10.6 continues improvements of Lifecycle Campaign Management and Relational Data, as well as several other bug fixes and improvements.

Release Dates and Change List

The following are the dates and changes made for this version.

10.6.0 - 2/05/2015


    • sub in customer key realm fails with duplicate email+first regardless of CK
    • relationalfind returns invalid error when command is incorrect
    • relationalfindfields add arguements to find based on segment and edit flags
  • FTP XML API: relationalsave optimized for bulk insert.
  • Creative Library: Error on save after addition of new table column
  • Deploy Campaign Wizard: Toggle between Lifecycle deploy and Normal deploy completion page content incorrect
  • Export Relational: Wizard does not remember settings on BACK
  • File/Media Manager: "Delete Selected" deletes more than files in view
  • Import: Default Subscription Format dropdown no longer available
  • Import Relational:
    • Data type box is empty for Admin users
    • Fields with Import option not available should not show up in import drop-down
  • Lifecycle Actions
    • Check Data Value field does not clear
    • Update Data does not validate fields as expected
    • Update Data Columns listbox doesn't update on first selection of Table
    • Update Data does not allow use of date in past
    • Deploy Email action If 'notify' is selected, it isn't sent after the second deploy.
    • Send Alert action error when Subject length truncated
    • Wait Until time for 12am vs pm saved incorrectly
    • Summary: Connection Information Error after saved
    • Version Numbers duplicating once on save of existing lifecycle
  • Schedule Lifecycle Deployment:
    • White page if update with inactive campaign
    • Unformatted page displayed if attempt to schedule A/B with missing template
  • Relational:
    • Display table columns for non-Employee permissions users
    • Allow use of all options for non-Employee permission users
  • Campaign Report Wizard: revert Open Rate calculation to pre v10.5.0
  • Segmentation Flat UI: Plus sign in the value field turns into space
  • Template Editor: tag drop down list does not change tag values
  • Timezone: Hardcoded in some pages


  • Lifecycle: Super Admin tools


10.6.1 - 2/12/2015


  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Workflow approval hour option is not saved
  • Segmentation Flat UI: Created Date field is missing
  • Segmentation Flat UI: Subscribed Date field is missing


10.6.2 - 2/19/2015


  • Template Editor BETA: Hide links and access to the feature
  • Publishing: Super List Causes Launch Failure When Targeted


  • Lifecycle: Unsubscribe does not opt out of the whole lifecycle when deployed via batch


10.6.3 - 2/25/2015


  • Import:
    • Email validation overlooks multiple '@' signs
    • Blank custom text fields result in the word "null" with regular subscribe
    • Blank custom number fields result in 0 with regular subscribe
  • Publishing Provisioning dedupe process doesn't protect itself against bad data


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