Import Completion Notification

Once a Contact Import is complete, you will receive an email notification detailing the results of the import.  The notification is sent only to the User that initiated the Import. 

The notification appears as follows, with the details described between the brackets:

Subject Line: Contact Import Complete

From: [System admin email address]

To: [User who initiated Import]


The import from [file name] has been completed and the contacts have been associated with the list "[list name]."

Total records processed: [Number of rows in the import file]
New contacts added: [Number of new Contact records]
Contacts updated: [Number of Contacts that already existed and were updated.  If the option to update is not enabled, this will always be 0]
Contacts previously opted out: [Number of Contacts that were ignored, not imported, because an Opt-Out record exists]
Errors (records not processed): [Number of Contacts that were ignored due to errors, such as invalid email address formatting]

Email addresses that failed to import:
[List of all Contact email addresses that did not import and the reason for the failure]

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