Import Contact

Go to Contacts > Manage Contacts > Import Contacts.  The first page of the Import Contacts wizard will display.

Page 1: File Selection, Subscription, and Data Options

  1. Set the Data Type to 'Contact'.
  2. Select the Data Format of the file you wish to import. 
  3. Click Browse to Select the File.  Select the file from the File Upload window, then click Open.
  4. If the first row of your data file includes labels for each of the data columns, select the option 'First record contains field headers'.
  5. To create a subscription for a contact that previously opted-out, select the option 'Import users even if they have previously opted out '.
    • WARNING:  Only use this option if you have been given permission by the contact to subscribe them back into your list.  This option should only be used in the most thought out situations.

  6. If you wish to update the Contact Data and Custom Data associated to the Contact, then select the option 'Okay to update contact record if it exists'.  This option is set by default. 
  7. For SmartSubscribe, leave the 'Use SmartSubscribe' option selected.  For Normal Subscribe, deselect the 'Use SmartSubscribe' option.
  8. If 'Use SmartSubscribe' is selected, the 'Allow Duplicates' option is available for some Users. 
    If you have Contacts in your file that have the same Email Address but a different First Name, and you would like each imported as a separate record, select 'Allow Duplicates'.  This option is not available in Customer Key realms or if SmartSubscribe is not enabled.
  9. Click Next to move to the next page.

Page 2: Data Field Mapping

  1. Map each Field in the file with an Associated Field in the database, or select a Mapping Profle
    All Contact Data fields will auto map if the Header field has the same name as the Contact Data field.  Custom fields follow, each name preceded by an asterisk. Only mapped fields will be affected during the import.  All unmapped fields are ignored.
    • NOTE:  At least one field must be mapped to the Email field.  In a realm with Customer Key enabled, then you must map the Customer Key field also. 
    • WARNING: Be certain to only map fields that you wish to update during the import.  Changing or clearing data cannot be undone.  
  2. Select the Default Format for the email messages to deploy. 
    If nothing is selected, all Subscriptions are set to Plain Text format.  This information is only used when deploying a campaign using the Contact Selected Format option.

  3. Click Next to move to the next page.

Page 3: List and Lifecycle Selection

  1. Verify the Import File Name is correct.
  2. Select the List to create a Subscription for each Contact. 
    • NOTE: For each new Subscription, the Subscribed Date will be set to the Date/Time the import is run.  You can Segment based on this Subscribed Date later.  If it already exists, no change is made to the Subscription record.

  3. If you wish to add the contacts to an Active Lifecycle Campaign, select the Lifecycle Campaign.  See Import and Add to Lifecycle for more information.
  4. Click Submit to begin the Import. 

Page 4: Task Confirmation

The final page of the wizard will display the progress.  You can leave the page at anytime.  See Monitoring Import Progress to check the status of the import later.

When the import is complete, you will receive a Notification Email detailing the results of your task.

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