Version 10.10 - April 23, 2015

v10.10 includes general bug fixes and improvements with background work for new features coming up in the next few months.

10.10.0 - 4/23/2015


  • Task History:
    • Keep track of Report history
    • Add file name to Relational FTP imports
  • Upgrade to Java 7


  • Article: Missing Advanced button on Add/Create
  • List Properties: remove "Learn more" link from List-unsubscribe
  • Create/Edit Realm: Move Rapleaf option to Relational area
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Cannot edit if End Date is current date
  • Reports:
    • Campaign Report Wizard: Block Bounces reporting as 0
    • Standard Report Library: Campaign Statistics Block Bounces reporting as 0
  • Relational:
    • Drop down from string to other data type does not remove string length value
    • Updating regular table join creates duplicate tables
    • FTP XML Import does not send confirmation email
  • Segmentation:
    • Standard with Relational: Nested Relational creates incorrect query and inconsistent results
    • Advanced: Date Field not allowing for year/month filtering
    • Advanced: NOW does not produce expected results
  • Lifecycle Campaign: URLs with STOP tag do not convert correctly on click-through
  • Lifecycle Version: Remove warning about duplicate versions

10.10.1 - 4/24/2015


  • Tracking exception
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