Themes and Layouts

Themes are non-editable content creatives which can be used to create user customized Layouts and campaign ready Templates.  

The Layout Editor allows users to modify content and create templates based on provided Themes. It features drag and drop capabilities as well as WYSIWYG editing. The purpose of the Layout Editor is to provide a more intuitive, code-less, and friendly way of creating and editing content. Additionally, it is designed to create responsive emails.

Default Themes are available to all customers, however custom Themes can be created and deployed for individual customers to meet their unique business requirements. Once a Theme is selected, Layouts are created using the elements of that Theme.

Layouts cannot be used in campaign deployment directly. After a Layout is customized to the users liking, it can then be saved to a Template for campaign deployment and advanced editing. 


A Theme is a prepared HTML file stored in the system and is used to create user customized Layouts and campaign ready Templates. A Theme consists of one or more content Modules, separated within the HTML using special characters and HTML coding. These Modules are formatted in such a way as to be flexible in editing and allow responsive display within various browsers and devices.

Themes are considered as the "Master" or "Parent" of Layouts since all Layouts are derived from a Theme.

Adding a Theme or Module

Themes are built to be available to all customers in the system.  However, if you require a more customized Theme or Module for your business needs, please contact your Account Manager to request a quote.  Personalized themes will be available to your Account only and will appear with a Premium flag:

Modifying a Theme

Themes do not support Editing or Deleting.  


A Layout is a variation or child of a Theme. Though you cannot create Themes, you are able to create Layouts from any Theme available in your Account.

Layouts are variations of an original Theme's content.  Layouts can be customized with Modules in any combination and then modified further using the WYSIWYG editor to add images, hyperlinks, and other formatting.  The editor allows you to make code-less modifications to these Layouts fit their needs with the built-in modules, color dropper, as well as the WYSIWYG toolbar for additional formatting.

Once a Layout has been defined, you can then create as many Templates as you need based on your reusable design.


A Module is block of HTML code that represents a section in the Theme/Layout. Themes and Layouts are comprised of multiple modules or blocks of HTML code. Modules can be dragged and dropped and removed in the Layout Editor.


A template is the final stage of the HTML content. A Template can be further edited and then assigned to a campaign deployment.


Released in v11.0.0

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