Add Module to Layout

To add a Module to a Layout:

  2. Click the Theme from which the Layout was created.  The page will display a list of additional actions in the MANAGE section, and the Layouts to the right.
  3. Mouse over the Layout on the right, then click VIEW.  The Edit Layout page will display with a list of all available Modules on the left, and the workspace on the right.

  4. Scroll through the Layout Workspace to the place in which you wish to add the Module.
  5. Scroll through the list of Modules to find the Module you wish to add.
  6. Drag the Module from the list into the Workspace.  The existing Modules will separate and display a highlighted gray box in which you can drop the new Module.

  7. Release the mouse button to drop the Module into the Layout. 

The selected Module will appear just below the original.  You can move the new Module by clicking and then dragging to a new location and releasing the mouse button.


Released in v11.0.0

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