Generate Subscribe Site Form

Preference Subscribe Sites are available to a Contact in two formats.  You can either generate a Subscribe Form and embed the form in an external website, or you can include a Link in your campaign content.

To Generate a Subscription Form:

  2. Click an existing Subscribe site.
  3. Select the One-Click Subscribe option.
  5. In the Generate Form popup, select the List to which the Contact will be added with One-Click. 
  6. Select the default email Format to send when Contact Selected Format is used to deploy a campaign.
  7. To allow the contact to choose a preferred email format, select 'Include checkboxes for format choices'.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Copy and paste the generated code into your web page. 

When the Contact enters an email address in the form and clicks Subscribe, the email address will immediately be subscribed to the list that you specified in the Generate Subscribe Form wizard. The Contact will then be directed to the first page in the Subscribe Preference Site.  This page can be a simple Welcome page or can include additional form fields to allow the Contact to enter demographic data or subscribe to other lists.

Once One-Click has been enabled, it is not possible to use the site as a Standard Link in a template.

NOTE: Subscribe Sites are not available in realms with Customer Key enabled.

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