Add Unsubscribe Site Link to a Template

Unsubscribe Sites are only available to a Contact in as an Unsubscribe Link in your campaign content.

To Add an Unsubscribe Link to a Template

  2. Select the template to edit.
  3. Select the Format tab to add the link (Plain Text, HTML, or Mobile)
  4. Click ADD TAGS.
  5. From the Preference Site listbox, select the site you wish to add. 
  6. Click HIGHLIGHT TAG and then copy the text.
  7. Paste the tag into your template.
  8. Click UPDATE to save the changes.

When you deploy your campaign, the Preference Site tag will automatically be converted to an Unsubscribe Link for the List that was sent. Clicks of the Unsubscribe Site link will be tracked and available for Reporting and Segmentation.*

The Contact will be immediately opted-out from the List associated to the campaign and then redirected to the first page of the Site where you can ask for more information about why the Contact chose to opt-out.


*Added in v11.5

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