Version 10.11 - May 20, 2015

v10.11 includes general bug fixes and improvements with background work for new features coming up in the next few months.

10.11.0 - 5/20/2015


  • Task History:
    • Allow access to Users with Admin permissions
    • Add Subscriber Export to history
    • Store task_total_size for report tasks
    • When a task fails populate the error message in task_message
  • Realm Create: Organize Relational and Integration section
  • Relational: Clarify Date Validation error

New Features

  • FTP API: store subscriber send failures in database
  • Export: Add support for Multi-Foreign Key Relational tables
  • Import: Add support for Multi-Foreign Key Relational tables
  • Relational: Add support for Multi-Foreign Key table relationships
  • Segmentation: Add support for Relational Multi-Foreign key


  • API
    • Task History: FTP APO import tasks show in task history as running status even after completing
    • FTP: Smartsub does not initiate Lifecycle Campaign
    • WebServices: SoapFault exception error in usersubscriptions
    • FTP XML: empty/blank confirmation email causes null exception
    • FTP XML: permission error for Relational imports
  • Article:
    • Move to Folder does not change folder
    • Edit: Bad character replacing non-breaking spaces when article is updated using WYSIWYG
  • Creative Library: Error on save when editing
  • Preference Site:
    • Optout does not correctly carry across subscribers on customer key realm
    • Update list subscription creates opt-out records for duplicate email addresses in Customer Key realm
  • Task History: Workflow campaigns never show completed
  • Lifecycle Builder:
    • Deploy Email Notify doesn't appear unless Subject filled
    • Copy Campaign from Definition causes error and copy is incomplete
  • Schedule Lifecycle Deployment: White page if Lifecycle campaign pushed from another realm
  • Publishing:
    • OutofMemory on campaign initialization
    • Continue processing even when a throttling record already exists
  • Dashboard: Window Resize Error
  • Report: Download Raw Data formating error on confirmation page
  • Standard Report: missing selected campaigns
  • Social Providers: Unable to add Twitter or LinkedIn due to CSRF error


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    Daniel Caplin

    Lots of good stuff in this release. Great Job!

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