Version 11.2 - October 8, 2015

v11.2.0 release continues improvements to the New UI, especially around the Dashboard, Campaign Details, and new Campaign Overview page, and adds the ability to segment based on distance from the subscriber's Zip Code (US 5-digit numeric zip codes only).

11.2.0 - 10/8/2015

New Features

  • Campaign Overview: Add new Campaign Overview page in Reports menu
  • Segmentation:


  • Omniture:
  • Campaign Details:
    • Improve display of Link Clicks
    • Split data out of tabs and display separately
    • Remove decimal points from graph displays
    • Bounce pie chart color differences
    • Display Percentages
  • Dashboard: Display campaigns in last 7 days
  • Layouts:
    • Display stats on layout cards
    • Distinguish a single account Theme from a Globally installed Theme
    • Generate a plain text version of the HTML on save to template
  • Add User: User Creation Error when State > 4 characters
  • Relational: When Deactivating, validate if in use in Standard Segmentation
  • Template Editor: Automatically insert selected Template Tag



  • FTP API: Update list count calculation at end of processing
  • Batch Subscribe/Unsub: Do not highlight rows on hover
  • Bounce Search: Display all details
  • Campaign Details:
    • View Content / Archive links missing
    • Link to Segmentation Rule results in error page
    • Tabs in Clicks Section do not display correctly in Firefox on Mac
    • Fix bounce graph colors
  • View Campaigns:
    • Table displays outside white space when All campaigns listed
    • Some columns are too narrow, some too wide
  • Compare List: Warning disappears before acknowledgement
  • Creative Library: Old ui names are overlaps in display
  • Dashboard:  Recent Campaigns Text Overlaps
  • File/Media Manager: Browse button formatting broken
  • Impersonate: Grandchild realm appears twice
  • Relational Import:
    • Page 2 Field Label & Selection boxes are not aligned
    • Failure in one data point causes entire import to fail
  • Import: List count does not update
  • Lifecycle: Unresponsive script error
  • Login:
    • Forget password email ignores custom admin message
    • Password Expired Page needs new UI formatting
    • Forgot Password Landing Page has old logo and confusing form
  • Media Manager: Realm name in path has the same capitalization as was used to log in
  • Menus:
    • Disappearing Throughout App
    • Queue API Test Remove deprecated
    • Customer Menu icon is upside down in IE
    • Add Realm Timezone
    • Do not change case of realm name
    • Standard Segmentation: Main Menu Unresponsive in IE
  • New UI Formatting:
    • Realm Create: Formatting Changes
    • Customer Support Request: Formatting Changes
    • Manage Aliases: Formatting Changes
    • Groups: Formatting Changes
    • Customer Support Site Guide: Formatting Changes
    • Event Based Segmentation: Columns Not Aligned
    • Templates: Horizontal scrolling in Templates screen
    • Themes: Scroll bar at top of page in IE and Safari
  • Realm Security:
    • Expire All Passwords does not respond
    • Expire All Passwords fix Button Color
  • Realm Services: Config popup doesn't display
  • Relational: Query tool does not COUNT null values correctly
  • Template Editor: Relational tags not working for join/flat conditions
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Fillin Field popup up issue
  • Users: Improper credentials when viewing users in grandchild realm


11.2.1 - 10/15/2015


  • Export Relational: Windsor Circle tables not showing up in export when realm enabled
  • Publishing: Fails with RSS Feed checking user-agent string 
  • Creative Library: Error on page load
  • Dashboard: Incorrect Font in side nav
  • Fullstory: code appears in edited Templates

11.2.2 - 10/16/2015


  • Publishing: Throttling setting not honored on some realms that one has Realm level throttling set
  • HTTP API:  update command fails on customer key realm.

11.2.3 - 10/20/2015


  • Campaign Overview: 
    • Campaigns display as 0 pieces sent
    • Campaigns display twice
    • Campaign stats display with percentages off
  • Campaign Details: Page doesn't load correctly if Browser data is NULL
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