Session Timeout


Why doesn't the system warn me when it's about to timeout?


Prior to version 11, there is no notification when your login session is about to end.  If you are working within a Template or Automation Campaign, your activity may not be recognized as work until you Save. Most systems are set to a 15 minute inactivity limit, while others have a limit up to 60 minutes.  Because of this, it is important to save your changes often.

For systems running version 11 and newer, as long as the system time out is set to 35 minutes or higher, you will receive a popup notification after 30 minutes that your session is about to expire no matter where you are working.  

To continue working uninterrupted, click Stay Connected.  

Click Logout if you are done working.

If there is no response after 1 minute, your session will expire and you will be logged out.  

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