Permission Definitions

The following Permission levels are supported in all versions:

Super User

Administrator for entire server, with ability to access all features, including Bounce Mailbox and Management, Realm Management, and API Setup. A Super User logged into the WhatCounts realm can also create System Messages that appear at the top of the page to provide status and announcements to users logged into the system.

Super User access is only available for Broadcaster customers. It should also be restricted to only a few individuals at an organization as that level of access includes the potential to make major system wide changes.

Private Label Admin (PLA)

Administrator for OEM/Shard parent Realm and children, with same permissions as an Admin plus Realm Management for child realms.

Realm Users


Administrator for Realm, with ability to create, update, and delete lists, templates and contact records, create and view all reports, and manage user accounts.

List Manager

List Manager for Realm with ability to create, update, and delete lists, update templates and articles, run test lists, and view all reports.


Content Manager for Realm with ability to create, update, and delete templates and articles, test lists and deploy campaigns, and view all reports. Editors can view lists, but cannot create, update, or delete lists.


Contact Record Support for Realm with ability to search and update contact records as well as batch subscribe and unsubscribe, Supports users cannot access lists, content, or reports.


Realm Data Monitor with ability to review reports and campaign data. Monitors cannot access lists, content, or contact records.


Realm Visitor with ability to view online help and submit help tickets.

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