SumoMe’s List Builder app is one of the simplest popup services for marketers of all sizes and industries. It's main benefits are it's ease of use, low barrier to entry, and mixture of advanced settlings and capabilities. Customers looking for a well-rounded, robust solution will like SumoMe. At WhatCounts we use SumoMe for the list builder app which is a basic popup tool. We have increased subscription signups since we started using it.

SumoMe Highlights:

  • Multiple popup campaign creation
  • URL targeting per campaign
  • Basic user intent settings
  • A / B different popups within campaigns
  • Add custom forms from WhatCounts for more advanced field tracking or adding conversion tracking.

To install the SumoMe app:

(All SumoMe install articles)

  1. Click signup

  2. Create an account.

  3. Install your code on all pages of your website.

  4. All other methods like Google Tag Manager or WordPress are found here.

Integrating List Builder with WhatCounts

  1. Use the widget on the frontend of your website.

  2. Go to list builder.

  3. Create new campaign.

  4. Click Services on the left hand menu.

  5. Click on WhatCounts.

  6. Enable your API.

  7. Generate Code (sent to your email).

  8. Copy the new API in your email

  9. Add it to SumoMe.

  10. Select the mailing list you want to use for this campaign.

  11. You’re done!
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