Version 10.13 - August 06, 2015

v10.13 release is a precursor to a new user interface releasing at the end of August.  You will notice that the Marketing Automation feature already displays the new menu format.  v10.13 also includes new features, general bug fixes and improvements, as well as continued Relational improvements in Multi-Foreign Key support.

Other than the new UI changes, the main new feature you will notice in this release is the ability to set a default Bounce Address for your Realm or Account.  Since most Accounts have a single Bounce Address, you can now request that it be set as the default to use for all List deployments.  To do this, contact your Account Manager and request your default Bounce Address be setup for your Account.

10.13.0 - 8/06/2015


  • Creative Library: Change "Create template from" default
  • Media/File Manager
    • FTP Control Pop-up needs to be larger
    • Warn on file delete
  • Filter: Do not filter on Action column
  • Lifecycle: Add Campaign Email Phase to Deploy Step to store for future reporting
  • List Matrix: same content opens in main window and pop up
  • Password Reset: Error Page needs new formatting
  • Publishing improvements
  • Relational:
    • Validate to limit table/column name to minimize possibility of bulk insert file length failure
    • Publishing improvements
    • Limit data types as PK to INT and STRING only
    • Multi FK improvements
    • Add realm name and realm_id to API bulk insert confirmation message
    • Add Column/Table Name validation in API
    • Template Tags: Generate HTML for Multi-FK relational tables
  • Edit Subscriber: Do not show Super Lists
  • User Management
    • Warn when Reset Password
    • Warn when Delete
    • Change CREATE button to SAVE
    • View Users: Add Filter by Email, First Name, Last Name, Realm
  • Documentation

New Features


  • A/B Samples:
    • Definition: Cannot delete from Edit Definition page
    • Tasks: Sample Column Label is displayed in wrong location
    • Tasks: Too many decimal places displayed in the results
    • Details: Unsubscribe Results are not displayed
  • Bounce Management
    • Category: checkbox appears twice
    • Search: SEARCH is not properly formatted as a button
    • Search: Cannot see full Pop-Up Window
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Fillin values not saved if ADVANCED button is selected
  • File/Media Manager: Upload File Button UI issues
  • No session FTAF: needs new ui
  • Import:
    • The single quote (') character in First and Last Name is not escaped properly
    • SmartSubscribe issue importing when duplicate email address not allowed
  • Lifecycle:
    • Switch Version does not Save as Definition
    • Cannot add both yes and no steps after Opened and Clicked and Opened or Clicked
    • Delay in sending first email
    • Update Data Action error when type is Date
    • Actions are missing when create a new realm
    • Error generating text Summary
  • List Definitions:
    • Sync Lists Select All checkbox does not select all
    • Sync Lists Does not update Modified Date
  • Footer: Odd characters near copyright
  • Preference Site:
    • Cannot scroll through Data Fields
    • Confirm buttons are not formatted
    • Customer key field appears in non-customer key realm
  • Publishing: Failed to Generate a MessageObject if Custom Bounce Address is NULL
  • Relational
    • Edit Table: If created with no FK, cannot update to add FK (API issue workaround)
    • Import: Remove 'first_name' and 'email_address' from UI import dropdown in CK realms
    • Cannot add new field after table is created
    • Child/Parent realm subscriber table data available in Relational Subscribers table
    • Delete column causes error w/ save and close
    • delete column from ACTIVE table displays FK dropdown
    • Export flat table causes error
    • FK dropdown should not be displayed for tables that contain data
    • HTTP API - columns created via API column length of -1
    • Flat table UID as string causes Error
  • Reports;
    • Heat Map does not work with Chrome
    • Schedule Wizards: Report/Export formatting issues
    • Standard Reports: Campaigns statistics report error
  • Subscriber Search: Delete button inoperable in if user not admin permissions in Customer Key realm
  • Templates
    • Add/Edit Article popup has menu and headers with WYSIWYG enabled
    • Edit Body resizes and hides buttons
    • Edit Template: "No" Button unresponsive in Chrome
    • Page layout does not match other list type pages
    • View Tags table not sorting on tag column
    • Cannot Save after validation of missing Name or Subject
  • Analyze Content: Results are centered
  • Creative Library: Error on save
  • Schedule Article: Copy popup remembers last string after CANCEL

10.13.1 - 8/07/2015

  • FTP API: Smartsub failure with multiple smartsub batches in single file (do not use multiple smartsub batches in single .dat file)
  • OEM Landing page not using OEM logo

10.13.2 - 8/28/2015

  • Relational: limit PK to INT and STRING only
  • Publishing: Subscribers unexpectedly dropped
  • Lists: white screen on Edit with customer specific sync tool
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