Version 11.4 - November 12, 2015

v11.4.0 release continues improvements to the New UI in the Campaign Details page, releases Overview pages, and preps for our annual code freeze.  No further releases are expected until after the New Year, though an occasional small maintenance release may occur.

11.4.0 - 11/12/2015

New Features

  • Lists Overview - Documentation coming soon
  • Campaign Overview - Documentation coming soon
  • Automation Overview - Documentation coming soon


  • Deploy Campaign: Display validation errors in system message popup
  • Customer Support Menu: Change 'Community' menu item to 'Help Center'
  • New UI:
    • Do not show checkboxes as selected on hover
    • Improve page loading
  • Templates: Allow filter to work with ID, Created or Modified fields


  • A/B definition: Subject is not updated with a new subject from updated templates
  • Setup API: Password has leading space
  • HTTP API: rdbfind returning invalid table result
  • Add/Edit Bounce Mailbox: Error formatting issue
  • Campaign Details:
    • "Most" values in sentences do not match to "Most"s in bar charts
    • Errant apostrophe
    • Misspelling in sentences
    • Fonts in some areas are wrong and overlap
    • Error in dev console
    • Errant period in Clicks details
    • Display Suppression List Name (not file name)
    • Clicks gear menu should display on top
    • Bounce bars are too close in color
    • Clicking on deleted List Name brings up white page
    • Clicking on deleted Template Name brings up white page
    • Clicked Links are not in order
    • Click to Open Rate Using Total opens instead of Unique
    • Video Section is missing
  • Campaign Report Wizard: Require Event Type selection to run report
  • View Campaigns: Filter does not work with limiters
  • Dashboard:
    • Scheduled A/B campaigns show Template: NULL
    • Sent chart has no number popup on hover
    • Double data popup on Undelivered chart
    • Security: Intermittent Pop-up Warning when CSRF enabled
  • Media Manager: Do not allow naming with preceding underscore
  • Import: Company name longer than 48 characters fails to update field
  • Layouts:
    • Error when HTMLcontent contains '&'
    • New layouts are hidden
    • Cannot edit Text within a module
  • Automation Definition: Click Action with no Link Type causes error and page doesn't load
  • Lists: Display System error on invalid Bounce Email formatting
  • Menus:
    • Admin cannot return to new UI
    • Hide Video Library if not enabled in realm
  • OEM sites: Logos do not display as expected in page header
  • Preference Sites: Cannot rename site
  • Realm Create:
    • Custom HEX values are not saved on Realm Create
    • Remove mySQL reference
    • Display System Message error for invalid HEX
  • Publishing Relational: if no Relational data tags in plain text content, HTML data tags are not filled
  • Relational Tables: Do not show Import option next to Windsor Circle tables
  • Session: Do not destroy Session if still active in at least one browser tab
  • Login Services: Clear lockout if date has passed
  • Segmentation: Test times out
  • Standard Report Wizard: Remove drop shadow within white space
  • Subscriber Details: Update Date appears as current time/date if NULL in database
  • Template Create/Edit: Display Subject Line Character Limit Error


To find all pages affected by this release, search the Learning Center for the string (including quotes) "V11.4".


11.4.1 - 11/13/2015


  • Standard Segmentation: Test returns 0 subscribers regardless of actual results


11.4.2 - 11/18/2015


  • Campaign Details: Improve speed of pulling Tracking Data
  • Campaign Details: Only pull "Daily" charts data for full past days
  • Menu: Comment out Reports > Deliverability menu option


  • Preference Sites: Global Unsubscribe only works when one or more lists in site
  • HTTP API: Remove rdbinsert as valid command, change to rdbsavedata
  • Layouts: Changes are not saved

11.4.3 - 11/19/2015


  • Publishing: Extra / added to end of URL when Google Analytics enabled for realm 

11.4.4 - 12/03/2015


  • SmartGet: Campaign that does not meet must_contain condition still publishes
  • A/B Definition: Update Count does not refresh when using segmentation rule

11.4.5 - 12/10/2015


  • Marketing Automation: Wait Time ignored for campaigns deployed to single subscriber
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