Version 11.0 - August 29, 2015

v11.0.0 release is the roll out of the new WhatCounts UI.  Button names and colors have been updated and unified, and forms and tables and layouts in general have been improved to provide a more consistent user experience across the platform.

New content Themes are now available for all users to use to create Layouts for campaigns.  The Layouts support drag and drop module organization and formatting.  Three default Themes are already available for you to get started.  

Another new feature is the ability to create Article content that can change within a Template depending on the date and time a message is sent.  This new dynamic Article management is called Scheduled Articles, and consists of a Parent Article, containing default content, and associated Versions, containing content you can schedule.

Search for the feature you want to use with the new Search toolbar at the top of the page.  If you cannot remember where a feature is in the menu, just search for it by name.  New keywords and phrases will continue to be added all the time.

11.0.0 - 8/29/2015

New Features


  • UI: Do not Filter on ACTIONS column in list view pages
  • Set Data Macros: Validate fields on save
  • Edit Realm: Hide Default Google Fields
  • Exclusion URLs: Warn on Delete
  • Compare List: Notification popup styling
  • Automation:
    • Display notification if not in Realm Services
    • Definition: Display success when Push to Realm
  • Segmentation: Break out into own menu
  • Relational:
    • Remove Edit Column function
    • Create Field add 'check all' option
  • FTP XML:
    • Relational import invalid user validation
    • Relational import duplicate file validation
    • Relational import xml w/o command should generate fail message
  • Import: Optimize Relational and Subscriber imports
  • PowerURL: Validate Name not blank on copy


  • HTTP API: Update Template Invalid API Server Response
  • HTTP API: Automation campaign should not be triggered for each subsequent Subscribe command
  • FTP XML: Invalid error about invalid realm
  • Template:
    • Edit: Do not add Fullstory Script to HTML
    • Edit: Workspace too large
    • Copy: popup radio buttons not aligned
  • Articles:
    • Create popup remembers last selected folder
    • CKEditor replaces non-UTF8 encoded special characters
  • Login: remembers last page logged out
  • Reports:
    • Schedule Domain Report: Click BACK goes to blank page
    • Schedule Domain Report: Error when setting Days
    • Custom Reports: Using wrong quote for user entered data
  • Conversion Tracking Report Data: Cancel does not respond
  • Run Suppression: Angle bracket on page
  • Standard Segmentation: "Days Between" doesn't show the date box to select the date
  • Compare Lists: Not responding to compare
  • Schedule Campaign: Advanced button in Calendar unselectable after campaign sent
  • A/B Testing:
    • Definition: Javascript error causes List listbox not to fill
    • Schedule A/B Campaign: ABSplit Test shows NULL for Template
    • View A/B Tasks: List/Seg Rules do not link to correct pages
  • Media/File Manager:
    • UI different vs browsers
    • Upload does not add more than one file at a time
  • Task Error: Truncation leaves import in RUNNING
  • Automation Builder:
    • Cannot save campaign with Edit Subscription - Global opt out
    • Deploy Action Notify checkbox does not display Email field
  • Relational:
    • Export: Date range only exports time stamp
    • Import: Missing Admin email on certain failures
  • Preference Site:
    • Edit in Split Preview, top part of preview cut off by buttons
    • View: Modified Date is incorrect format for PM times
    • Opt out is not created for customer key realm unsubs


Deprecated Features

  • Old Salesforce Integration
    • Remove from API Setup page
    • Remove from Customer menu


11.0.1 - 8/31/2015


  • Dashboard: does not display after login
  • Login: Displays white page instead of error if invalid user
  • Template Import:
    • Error, no data was imported!
    • Does not import HTML
  • Themes: Honor realm constraint
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment:
    • List Scheduled with Default Template (that doesn't have one) generates non-branded error page
    • Notification settings not remembered on edit
  • Search: Issue when search value doesn't exist

11.0.2 - 9/02/2015


  • Campaign Details:
    • Fix chart spacing
    • Add more details
  • Campaign Overview: Date Range for best performing and worst performing should be last 7 days
  • Dashboard:
    • Improve Undelivered hover 
    • Improve Growth hover
  • Menu: Not Working in Export Subscribers
  • Template Import:
    • Cannot import from URL
    • Cancel button does not respond
    • Remove HTML Upload Only Restriction
  • Templates: Overlapping Column Text
  • Templates Preview: No Content Defined
  • Themes:
    • Add ability to delete a theme
    • Add prompt when 'default theme' checkbox is selected on upload
    • Layout Editor: Warn on delete if template exists
  • UI Speed issue with Chrome
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