The Throttling feature is intended to allow customers to control the rate at which messages from a particular campaign are sent. When the box is enabled in the realm, a "Throttling" option will be available in the "Advanced Settings" section of the Deploy Campaign page.

A throttling rate can be selected to be applied across all campaigns in the realm by checking the box next to "Realm Throttling" and entering a value for "Campaigns are always throttled at msgs/hour". The minimum throttling level is 500 emails per hour.

Once Campaign Throttling has been enabled, a customer can enable it for a single mailing on the Deploy Campaign page.

  2. Select List Name, Template, and Segmentation. 
  3. Click ADVANCED SETTINGS to expand the Advanced Settings Section 
  4. Select Limit emails to: ___ emails per hour
  5. You may choose either Yes or No in the "Finish on time even if there's an interruption?" question. Selecting "Yes" will allow the system to send more than the hourly throttling limit in order to "catch up" if the campaign was paused and would need more time than would have been initially expected based on the throttling limit and the volume of the message. If you are more concerned with staying under your throttling limit, select "No". If you need to have the campaign finish in a particular amount of time, select "Yes"
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