Version 11.3 - October 29, 2015

v11.3.0 release continues improvements to the New UI in the new Campaign Overview page and addresses several outstanding issues.

11.3.0 - 10/29/2015

New Features

  • Omniture: Automatically add/remove remarketing segment definitions
  • Create Realm: Default Color Settings for Creative Layout Editor


  • Audit Report:
    • Add option to select Report type
    • Add realm security feature to audit reporting search
  • Bounce Management:
    • Mailbox: New UI Formatting for Rows
    • Search: Hyperlink archiveFile path
  • Campaign Details: Link to Template
  • View Campaigns: Change range values in 'Show' drop-down
  • Request Support: Update message on landing page
  • Deploy Campaign:
    • Add Campaign Name Length Warning to Campaign Deployment
    • Error needs to be more prominent
  • Layout Editor:
    • Support both inline and standard size image width/height attributes
    • Warn User When Save to Template, Copy, Or Save
  • Realm Create: Default HEX values are not displayed
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Notification Email needs more details
  • Schedule Campaign Report: Implement option to FTP reports
  • Standard Segmentation: Hide/Show Zip Code Query Display


  • Orphan Tasks: Select All box does not work
  • Announcements: Always center aligned
  • HTTP API: schedule_deployment should FAIL when missing required fillin fields
  • XML API: Update the list count calculation at end of processing
  • Batch Unsubscribe: Email address missing on results page
  • Tracking: Bulk Insert exception prevents sends from storing in database
  • Campaign Details:
    • Campaigns from today show no Daily/Hourly chart results
    • Do not show decimals for 0%
    • Expanded chart does not display
    • Display Suppression List
    • Open/Click Charts data overlaps label
    • Opens/Clicks chart color overlaps Number
  • Campaign Overview:
    • Campaigns aren't listed in Sent area
    • Allow sort results
  • Add Custom Field: Validate that name is not already in use by system tags
  • Dashboard: Displays wrong date range in some realms based on TimeZone
  • Display Message: Do not error if reply-to is fillin field
  • Add Module: new UI issues
  • Themes: Inline Help issues
  • ListCTRL: Do not allow line break in email address
  • List Edit: Error on Save needs clarification
  • Menu:
    • Show HTTP API Test menu option for Employee Super Users only
    • Display Realm Timezone In Customer Care menu
  • Performance: Pages load very slowly when GA and Intercom are enabled
  • Add User: PLA permission setting not saved when created by a PLA
  • Preference Site:
    • Cannot edit subscriber data fields in customer key realm
    • Fields do not fill as expected and clear data in Customer Key realm
  • Publishing:
    • Suppression does not remove matching duplicate subscribers
    • Failure when subscriber email contains line break
  • Realm Create:
    • Display error when illegal characters entered in Base Realm Name for Child Realm
    • Failure displayed, but realm still created
    • Display error when illegal characters entered in Realm name
    • Display error if VMTA not removed
  • Subscriber Details: Quotation mark in detail field on Events Tab
  • Subscriber Tools: white page (CSRF) issue when attempt to opt out
  • Test List: Error message about format should be more obvious
  • Standard Segmentation: Save SQL everytime a segmentation rule is saved


Search "v11.3" in the Learning Center for related documentation.

11.3.1 - 10/30/2015


  • File/Media Manager: Folders with special characters in name do not appear in folder list / underscore added to beginning of folder name
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