When you create or edit items, such as Lists, you have the option to Label the item. Labels are helpful to group items that have a similar use or purpose.  

These labels provide the ability to implement future reporting features, such as filtering.  For example, you may wish to identify all pieces of a recurring coupon campaign, including the List, Template, Article(s), and Segmentation Rules.  A Label will allow you to easily find all related pieces.  At this time, Labels are only supported in Lists.  

Accessing Keyword Labels

Keyword Labels are accessed from the Customer Care menu.  Go to CUSTOMER CARE > LABEL MANAGEMENT to open the Labels page.

The Labels page shows all existing Labels available for any feature that allows the use of Labels .  It is the starting point to create a new Label, as well as to edit or delete existing Labels.  The page includes two tabbed areas: one to manage the Labels, and one to manage permissions for each Label.

Labels Tab

The Labels Tab on the Labels page displays the ID, Name, and Description of the Keyword Label.  You may sort the data in any of the columns by clicking the column header. The details displayed for each Label include:

ID Label ID number


Click the name of the Label to access its properties.


A short description of the label usage.


Click DELETE to delete the Label and remove associations from all features.  NOTE: Labels associated with one or more Smart Lists (not available in all Realms) may not be deleted.  


Products Tab

The Products Tab on the Labels page allows you to edit the permissions for each Label, specifying in which feature, or product, a Label may be used.  Click a Label to edit the permissions.

The details displayed for each Label include:

ID Label ID number


Click the name of the Label to edit its permissions.

Permission Setting 

A green check indicates the Label is available to set in the Product.  

A red X indicates the Label will not appear available to set in the product.


The total items currently using the indicated Label.

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