Edit Data Column

Edit an Inactive Data Column.

To Edit a Data Column

  1. Go to CONTACTS > RELATIONAL TABLES to view the list of Tables. 
  2. Click the Table in which the Data Column you would like to edit exists.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Table page to locate the Column in the list, and then click DEACTIVATE if the status is currently Active.  
    NOTE: If the Data Column is currently in use by a Segmentation Rule or Template, then this action will fail and display an error.  You must delete all items referring to the Data Column before it can be deactivated.
  4. Once the page refreshes, click the Data Column name to open the Edit Field page.
  5. Make your changes and then click SAVE to save any changes and return to the Edit Table page.  Click CANCEL to ignore changes and close the page.

The properties of a Data Column can only be edited when the column is in Inactive status and the Edit Column option is enabled.

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