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List Overview provides a summary of Contact generated Subscribe and Unsubscribe event reporting, as well as a quick look at the total number of Contacts in a Realm.  This does not include imports or removals generated through the UI or automated processes. 

The data reported in the List Overview is an aggregate of events for each 24 hour period.  When List Overview first loads, the page will filter data for the past week ending today, showing aggregate data for events up to the day prior. 

Accessing the List Overview

To view the List Overview, go to LISTS > OVERVIEW.  The List Overview page is made up of the following sections:

  • Filters
  • Summary Graph
  • List Growth
  • Affected Lists


The Filters allow you to set a date range for which to report event data related to the Lists or limit the data to Lists with specific label(s).  

Filter by Date Range

When the page loads, the date range indicates the week prior to today.  No data is available for the current day as it is summarized at the end of each day.


To change the Date Range, click a Date field, then either type a date in mm/dd/yyyy format, or click a date in the Date Selector calendar.  Once you have set the Start and End date, click GO to refresh the results for each section of the page.

Filter by Label

When you create or edit a List you have the option group items that have a similar use/purpose by adding one or more Labels. 


To filter the List Overview results to include only Lists with a Label:

  1. Click the Labels field. A list of available Labels will display.
  2. Click to select a Label.  You can filter on multiple Labels by selecting each.  You may also begin typing in the field to filter the options to Labels that contain the entered string.
  3. Click GO to refresh the results for each section of the page.

To remove a Label from the filter, click the X next to the Label.  To clear the filter, click the X to the right of the listbox.  Click GO to refresh the results for each section of the page.


Summary Graph

The Summary Graph displays counts of all Contact generated Subscribes and Unsubscribes per day in the Date Range defined.  Subscribes appear in green and Unsubscribes appear in red.  To see the totals for a specific day, mouse over the chart to display a popup for that date. 


A date range shorter than 14 days is displayed as a bar graph.  A date range 14 days or longer displays in a line graph.


List Growth

The List Growth provides a quick glance at the current number of subscriptions in all Lists in the Realm and the change in subscriptions over the displayed date range.  The percentage change in subscriptions is displayed in red or green depending on how the total changed over the Date Range. The total number of subscribes and unsubscribes directly generated from Contact interaction, such as subscriptions through supported subscribe forms on your site and unsubscribe links in campaign messages, is also included.



The Lists section includes all Lists affected by Contact subscribes or unsubscribes within the current filters. The table includes the List ID, Name, number of Subscribes, number of Unsubscribes, and List Labels.  Click a column header to sort the table in ascending or descending order by a selected column.  Click the List Name to open the List for editing. 

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