Custom FTAF Envelope

Try the FTAF feature as we've described up to this point. Observe the type of message received by the FTAF recipient. If you want to customize what that looks like, you can control the "envelope." The envelope, within the FTAF system, is a special page that is designed to include a message written by the original recipient as well as the original content. The envelope merges the two together.

To use a custom envelope, create a web page on your site that the FTAF program will use. Here's an example of the default one used by WhatCounts, Inc. (minus our header and footer content):

<table width="100%" border="0" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

Wherever the tag %%BODY%% appears is where the original HTML content (email) will appear. Wherever %%$message%% appears is where the personal note designed to accompany the content will be displayed. Make sure you have included a message area in your custom form if you would like to use it in your envelope.

To tell FTAF that you'd like to use a custom envelope, add the URL for the location of your envelope to the "Envelope" text box on the ADVANCED tab of your list.

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