Version 11.5 - January 11, 2016

v11.5.0 release continues improvements to the New UI in the Campaign Details and Overview pages, adds tracking to clicks on Preference Site links in campaign messages, and prepares for new SpringBot integration.

11.5.0 - 1/11/2016

New Features

  • Campaign Details: Add Subscriber Lists for each tracking event
    • Click Sent, Opens, Clicks, Opt Outs, Bounces numbers in top display to view Subscriber Details for each subscriber with related event.  Includes ability to export the results to the File Manager.
  • Preference Sites: Add Tracking when Subscriber clicks link in campaign message (Subscribe Site, Unsubscribe Site, Manage Site)
    • Advanced Segmentation: Add new Preference Tracking Types
    • Standard Segmentation: Add new Preference Tracking Types
  • Activity Overview: Create a realm activity page (documentation coming soon)
  • Lists: Add ability to add keyword to a List
  • List Edit: Add a Reports tab with List specific Overview reporting


  • Automation Overview:
    • Display and filter by Phases Types Categories in table
    • Add 'Total Opens/Total Clicks' to display table and graphs
  • Campaign Overview: Add Phases, Types, Category to table
  • Campaign Details:
    • Change bounce doughnut to bar graph
    • Display Friendly Name in Clicks Links
  • Campaign Details performance -- Load page with only some data already loaded
    • Load open detail graphs after page loads
    • Load daily and hourly graphs after page loads
    • Load clicks detail graphs after page loads
    • Load bounce details after page loads
  • Layout Editor: Implement a way to allow image uploads from user machine
  • ListCTRL: Unsub with Global parameter: Default landing page should not display list Name
  • Edit List: Add list template info to list detail next to List Name
  • Create Realm: Validate Base URL to require protocol (http:// or https://
  • Import: Remove 65 character file name limit for non-relational subscriber data imports
  • UI: Scroll bars are extremely small and difficult to work with
  • Session Timeout: Improve Alive Servlet
  • Site Performance: Improve UI performance 


  • User Groups & User Aliases: Rows Highlight on Hover
  • Omniture:
    • Error in file loading
    • Campaign files are malformed
  • HTTP API: rdb storagetype argument is case sensitive
  • Articles:
    • Do not allow Copy article with same name as existing
    • Do not allow create article with same name as existing
  • List Definitions: Sync List is not updating selected list
  • Automation Overview:
    • Phases, Types, Category columns do not sort as expected
    • Bar chart details display in unexpected area
    • Filter does not reapply already selected filter keywords
  • Campaign Details: Opt out and Bounces numbers do not display
  • Campaign Overview:
    • Reports negative performance numbers
    • Page Title on browser tab shows title of last page visited
    • Columns do not sort as expected
  • View Campaigns: Font tag shows on rollover
  • Overview Pages: Percentage columns do not sort as expected
  • Relational: Blank page accessing Relational Tables after session timeout
  • Dashboard: Chart colors do not match from other pages
  • Layout Editor:
    • Links in content become live after module is edited
    • Subsequent modules added to a theme overwrite previous module
  • Event Report Wizard: Columns Won't Sort
  • FTP Control: Completion page new ui styling
  • File/Media Manager:
    • Display error when naming with preceding underscore
    • Rename popup missing X to close
  • FTP Control: Format Error popup
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Clicking ADVANCED clears Fillin fields
  • Templates: Filter: Cannot filter on the portion of template name/subject not visible in the UI
  • Lifecycle Filter: Selection line around Date Fields
  • Publishing: Extra / added to URL when Google Analytics Enabled
  • Windsor Circle:
    • Failed tasks are not recorded in Task History
    • Task History Task Type missing
    • Task with invalid LIst does not fail
    • Error when enabling NOT displayed in the UI where RDB is required
  • Lists: Using Recount updates Modified date
  • Layouts: Cannot create new layout if previously received warning
  • Enhanced N-Way Segmentation: Distribute evenly puts all subscribers in 2nd segment
  • Edit Realm: Delete VMTA Slight change to error message required
  • Relational Tables: Remove Generate HTML link
  • Schedule Campaign deployment: Do not send immediately if scheduled for the past for timezone other than pst
  • Segmentation Standard:
    • Date Part Year Of does not reset the Value field for other operators
    • Value of does not reset to Date selector after selecting In/Not In


To find all pages affected by this release, search the Learning Center for the string (including quotes) "V11.5".


11.5.1 - 1/21/2016


  • Automation and Campaign Reports Robots caching improvements

11.5.2 - 1/22/2016


  • FTP API: SmartSubscribe does not update List Subscriber count
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