Version 11.6 - January 28, 2016

v11.6.0 release continues improvements in the Campaign Details and Overview pages, as well as UI performance.

11.6.0 - 1/28/2016


  • Automation Overview: Make reporting clickable for more details
  • Campaign Details
    • Report Details: Link subscriber email address to Subscriber Edit page
    • Report Details: Cannot show more rows
    • Report Details: Cannot see full value in column
  • Campaign Overview: Make reporting clickable for more details
  • List Overview: Allow click through from stats to Campaign Details
  • Dashboard:
    • Remove Scheduled Events
    • Remove Recent Campaigns
  • Event Wizard: Add Preference Tracking events to report
  • Realm Create
    • Realm Services: Automatically assign at time of new child realm creation
    • Create: Link to Realm Services after create success
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Add Preview Template button
  • Schedule Event Wizard: Add Preference Tracking events to report
  • Template: Modify Subject line note


  • Activity Overview:
    • Page Title displays title of previous page
    • Date filter does not apply to initial page load results - loads default range
    • Custom Fields count does not reflect date range
    • Campaigns sent per week chart is empty
  • Tagging:
    • Error needs to be more descriptive - no duplicates
    • Create button needs renamed to Add
  • Automation Overview: Change direction of expand image
  • Campaign Details:
    • Click to Open Rate Padding needed between value and percent sign
    • Click to Open Rate in text using wrong calculation
  • Report Details:
    • Add pagination and sorting of columns
    • Update Export Success message
    • Sent number opens Delivered details instead
    • Opt Out Details for Campaign page issues
    • Export to .xls fails
    • Export to .json exports too much data
    • Export JSON does not always include Last Name column
    • Export Delivered to .xml not formatted correctly
    • Export Delivered includes 'Clicks' column
    • Export Bounce Details to .json exports too much data
    • Delivered Number does not match from Campaign Details page
    • Delivered Details for Campaign page issues
    • Bounced Number does not match from Campaign Details page
    • Bounce Details for Campaign page issues
  • Dashboard: Recent Campaigns Bars Overlap Legend
  • Deploy Campaign: Update Counts button is disabled
  • Event Wizard: Big event reports finish incomplete
  • Tracking: Google Analytics Adds Trailing Slash to break URL
  • List Edit: Update date not updated on save
  • Layout Editor: Adding module with existing name just duplicates module
  • Marketing Automation: Error if Link Type in Campaign Definition is empty
  • List Report:
    • Subs/Unsubs mini charts draw over numbers
    • Cannot sort campaigns list
    • Date Fields formatting issue since CSS change
  • List Overview:
    • Do not include Automation created Lists
    • "unsubscribes" misspelled as "unubscribes"
  • Queued Call Status: Remove from menu
  • Preference Sites: Do not include Lifecycle Lists when adding All Lists
    • Click Unsub event tracks UNKNOWN event
    • Click Subscribe event tracks UNKNOWN event
    • Click Manage event tracks UNKNOWN event
  • Edit Realm: Change Label for "Realm Color"
  • Session Timeout: Stay Connected does not respond
  • Template: Ambiguous error when copied Templates name has more than 48 characters


  • Themes (internal only)
    • Add Module to Theme
    • Replace Module in Theme
    • FAQ: Cannot Edit Module within Layout due to error
  • Segmentation:
    • Update Create Event-Based Rule
    • FAQ: Advanced Segmentation error when testing for multiple campaigns
    • FAQ: How to find Subscribers in Multiple Campaigns

11.6.1 - 2/4/2016


  • HTTP API: rdbsavedata table not found error if storageType case is wrong
  • Analytics: Omniture processing improvements
  • Template Editor: Max subject line should be 128 characters
  • Creative Library Layouts: Error saving as template
  • Preference Sites: Manage Site does not show subscribed lists as checked for older Lists


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